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Bonn-voyage: Trains, planes and automobiles – 4 tips for traveling abroad

Traveling makes the world seem a little bit smaller. But after picking a destination, the next step is to figure how how to get there. (Megan Deppen / The DePaulia)

Megan Deppen

November 9, 2014

After almost three months, I’ve flown, bused, driven (or rather, been driven) and stayed in various accommodations across Europe. Studying abroad brings the world to your fingertips; all you have to worry about is getting there, and more importantly, deciding where to go. Read More »...

Bonn-voyage: Bonn-Appetite

Brötchen (bread rolls) are the center to the German breakfast, as well as various spreads, cold-cut sausage, cheeses and fruit. (Megan Deppen / The DePaulia)

Megan Deppen

October 26, 2014

One of the great joys of travel is sampling the new food. Perusing the streets of Bonn, I was surprised by where my nose led me. Read More »...

Bonn-voyage: Trier time machine

(Megan Deppen / The DePaulia)

Megan Deppen

September 28, 2014

My racing heartbeat was the only sound in the cool stone passageway. I flew past shadowy corridors, turning one corner then another. My eyes strained in the faint light trickling through the bricks above my head, and my jog turned to a sprint when a scream echoed from the hallway beside me. It w...

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