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Maya Oclassen

You should know less about Taylor Swift and more about your friends

Zachary Klein, Staff Writer April 21, 2024

My friend doesn’t like Austin Butler. As an actor, she likes him fine, but as a person she’s a touch more critical; a few years ago, he and his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, broke up. Months...

Los usuarios de Instagram y WhatApp tuvieron dificultades para acceder a la aplicación debido a una desconexión del sistema. Para muchos, la inhabilidad de usar WhatsApp corto medios de comunicación con seres queridos.

La desconexión de WhatsApp genera preocupación en el mundo

Sonal Soni and Erika Pérez October 10, 2021

Nicole Ahn se acababa de mudar a su nuevo apartamento en Alemania cuando se dio cuenta de que WhatsApp, una aplicación que usa regularmente para comunicarse con sus amigos y familiares en el extranjero,...

Social medias journey through 2020

Social media’s journey through 2020

Chinyere Ibeh, Music and Film Critic January 11, 2021

Throughout the year 2020, social media faced various challenges and changes. Despite the good intentions behind these changes, many social media platforms were scrutinized by their users. Along with the...

La artista Dominicana-francesa, Tina Aumont

‘Vintage Latinas’ crea espacio para celebrar y narrar luchas de mujeres de color

Izabella Grimaldo, La DePaulia Opinions Editor September 20, 2020

La realidad es que la historia tiene que ser reconocida y apreciada para evitar cualquier conflicto que nos trajo otra vez, y más que nada para valorar las luchas de nuestros antepasados.  Es realmente...

OPINION: The term sus is rooted in homophobia

OPINION: The term ‘sus’ is rooted in homophobia

Quinn White, Multimedia Editor September 20, 2020

“Sus” jokes are taking over social media — from TikTok to Twitter — spreading an anti-homosexual message that discourages straight men from acting in a feminine or stereotypically homosexual manner....

End of the decade: Instagram defines 2010s social media

End of the decade: Instagram defines 2010s social media

Ella Lee, Print Managing Editor December 28, 2019

Light bounces off winter’s first snow outside your window. Your dinner plate’s presentation is that of a “Chopped” champion. An abstract mural catches your eye after a night out with friends. Pause.  The...

Instagram to eliminate likes, ‘depressurize’ experience on app

Instagram to eliminate likes, ‘depressurize’ experience on app

Kelly Garcia November 18, 2019

Imagine a world where people care less about popularity and more about authenticity. A world where people don’t care about how many likes you get on an Instagram post, but instead they care about the...

Has social media stunted our political understanding?

Has social media stunted our political understanding?

Nikki Roberts, Contributing Writer October 15, 2018

Social media trends come and go. One week Facebook users are uploading videos of the Drake- inspired Kiki dance challenge, and the next they’re busy sharing memes about moths and lamps. For social media...

The Ups and #Facebookdown

The Ups and #Facebookdown

Megan Deppen January 28, 2015

Social media may have shut down, but for some students, productivity went up. The hashtag #Facebookdown flooded Twitter feeds Monday night when Facebook and Instagram suffered its biggest outage since...

Popular Pays allows Instagram users with enough followers to swap their photos for goods and services. (Photo courtesy of POPULAR PAYS)

Popular Pays cashes-in on Instagram social currency

Andrew Nunez December 5, 2014

There are countless things to do and places to eat within Chicago, and unfortunately, most of us college students do not have to time or money to experience many of these. However, now there’s a...

Instagram photo from the @IAmDePaul account where a different DePaul
student runs the account every week showing off life at DePaul. (Photo courtesy of Teresa Nguyen)

DePaul launches student-run Instagram #IAmDePaul

Danielle Harris, Former news editor May 27, 2014

Visiting Uncle Sammy’s, reading at North Avenue beach or taking in the view of the Loop Campus skyline are all common occurrences for a DePaul University student. Unfortunately, with a university-run...

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