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An American at Oxford: The people

Charli Rose

March 13, 2015

It will have been the people. When future aunts, uncles, colleagues of my parents and fellow classmates ask me what it was I got out of my year at Oxford, it will have been the people. They will assume that the unique traditions and ancient histories of this place made an impact on me and they will...

An American at Oxford: The people in the shadows

The Harris Manchester College clock tower rings out and announces dinner time. (Charli Rose / The DePaulia)

Charli Rose

March 1, 2015

If you find yourself walking amidst Oxford’s castle-esque walls, there is little chance you will get very far without hearing a large clock tolling the time away. If it isn’t one of the college clock towers reminding you of the time, it is your own college hall, ringing out at five past seven, announcing time for di...

An American at Oxford: A moment for Valentine’s Day

Castle Mill Stream, a backwater of the River Thames in West Oxford.  (Charli Rose / The DePaulia)

Charli Rose

February 15, 2015

The English fog and steady mist are a welcome retreat from the blizzards I ran through last winter in Chicago, but there are still challenges to face whilst running here nonetheless. The main one being the mere discovery of a route, but Oxford is nothing if not full of surprises, and turning down any random alleyway is sure to lead you ...

An American at Oxford: Off to the pubs

The rafter in The Eagle and Child, a pub once frequented by C.S. Lewis. (Charli Rose / The DePaulia)

Charli Rose

February 1, 2015

I made a conscious and steady effort to go into this year with no preconceived notions about Oxford. This was usually done in the form of refusing to search any images on Google of the cobblestone streets and old libraries. I did expect a few things, however. I expected there to be academia, robes worn to dinners and mast...

An American in Oxford: Where the magic lies

The main street in Oxford, Broad Street, which joins St. Catherine’s College with the City Centre. (Charlotte Pence / The DePaulia)

Charli Rose

January 18, 2015

I am not the first person to go abroad. Should you ever choose to do the same, there are times when you will feel a grand connection with all the people who have gone before you. Read More »...

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