Police remove student from DePaul library

Chicago police assisted in removing a student from the John T. Richardson Library June 2. No arrest was made, but some students were surprised by the number of Chicago police officers who were present.

Sophomore Julia Zawislak was walking past the library at about 4:15 p.m. Tuesday when she saw a large group pf Chicago police officers, squad cars and bicycles at the Kenmore Avenue entrance of the library.

She said the officers were tightly holding the student, who was wearing a green hooded sweatshirt.

“All I heard was the police asking the guy if he was going to run away,” Zawislak said.

Sophomore Issa Abuta said he saw about eight Chicago police officers leaving the Kenmore Avenue exit of the library as he was walking in. He said he did not remember what time he entered the library and he did not see the student.

DePaul Director of Public Safety Bob Wachowski said in an email that he could not provide any details about the incident because of the student’s FERPA rights.
Chicago Police Department’s News Affairs did not have a record of the incident because no arrest was made.