Water mains under Belden and Seminary avenues to be replaced

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DePaul students, faculty and staff should be aware of construction at the corner of Belden and Seminary avenues while underground water mains are being replaced.

The Chicago Department of Water Management did not clarify when the construction would be completed. Traffic lanes may be closed while construction workers are present, but drivers can take detours by driving on Kenmore Avenue to Fullerton or Webster avenues. 

“No Parking” signs will be posted to warn drivers when the roads are closed, which are used as needed from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

When the old main is turned off and the new one turned on, water services in the area will stop. There will be a 24-hour notice beforehand.

The water main replacement is part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s larger “Building a New Chicago” initiative, which is a $7 billion effort to improve infrastructure in the city.

The old water main at the corner of Belden and Seminary avenues was built in 1882, according to Department of Water Management, and is due to be replaced.