Nominate a DePaul senior for our graduation issue


For our graduation issue this May, we want to feature some of the most interesting, bright and talented students who will walk across the stage this June. But with about 4,000 students receiving their degree, there is no way for us to know them all.

That’s where you come in. Nominate a DePaul senior who is making moves, creating change or innovating, and we might feature them. We want to know what makes them special and tell their story.

Here’s the requirements: 

  • They must be eligible to walk at graduation this spring. That means they must finish their degree after Spring or Summer Quarter.
  • They can be a DePaul undergraduate or graduate student. Age is not a factor.


  • We need to know your name and email address, and will contact you for the story if your nominee is chosen. If we cannot contact you, assume we cannot choose your nominee.
  • Anyone can nominate a student (so yes, you can technically nominate yourself, but where’s the fun in that?)
  • Additional nominations will be taken into account, but more “votes” won’t always increase your chances.

Nominations are due Friday, May 6.