Amid uncontested races, SGA candidates focus on service

Adriana Kemper is running to retain her position as EVP of Operations. Like all cabinet members, Kemper runs unopposed. (Kirsten Onsgard / The DePaulia)
Adriana Kemper is running to retain her position as EVP of Operations. Like all cabinet members, Kemper runs unopposed. (Kirsten Onsgard / The DePaulia)

With Student Government Association (SGA) elections next week, 29 positions renew for elections. Only 19 students will run.

Of the 19 on the ballot, 14 run uncontested. This, in almost all aspects, guarantees their positions for the upcoming school year.

Candidates were introduced to a group of largely others running at a “Meet the Candidates” event Wednesday.

On the joint President and Vice President ticket appear juniors Ric Popp and Megan Scoville, respectively. Currently, Popp serves as SGA’s vice president and Scoville serves as one of the Senators for the College of Science and Health. Both look to this election as an opportunity to further cement their involvement.

As in previous years, one of the duo’s initiatives continues the focus on “SGA as an advocate,” Scoville said.

“We recognize that SGA serves as the official liaison between students and the administration,” she said. “We want to be taking that position as seriously as we can by hearing the voices of the students in any new and creative ways we can find.”

“We want to make this campus as great as we can, not just for everyone around us, but also the greater Chicago community,” Popp said.

The cabinet of the organization seems decided, as well. The only candidates are a team of Andrew Willett as EVP for Student Affairs, Michael Greene as EVP for Academic Affairs, Adriana Kemper as EVP for Operations, and Omar Escamilla as Treasurer.

Each of the cabinet members has SGA experience. Currently, Willett serves as the Senator for First Year Students, Greene as the Senator for the College of Computing and Digital Media, Kemper as the EVP for Operations, and Escamilla as the Senator for Transfer Students.

“I want to work on increasing our school affinity and creating that DePaul community. I’m sure you know the history of our school, that our nickname used to be ‘that little school under the ‘L,’’ but now within the last 20 to 30 years, we’ve grown to this really large school of 24,000 students. But something we lack is tradition, campus rituals and that culture,” said Willett, a freshman.

“I want to reach even more people. There are so many events here at DePaul and people don’t know about them,” Greene, a freshman, said.

“I want to learn from what I’ve done this year and build upon it for next year,” Kemper, a junior, said.

“I see myself being capable in this position,” Escamilla, a junior, said.

Only two other students who hold positions in SGA will run uncontested this quarter. Mandy Cervantes, Senator for Second Year Students, wants to become the Senator for Third Year Students. Jesse Bruer aims to keep his position as Senator for the School of Music.

The following seats also run uncontested: Sarah Nolimal, Senator for Sustainability; Marina Lozano, Senator for Commuter Students; Michael Lynch, Senator for Intercultural Awareness; Jamie Thimmesh Rachie, Senator for the Driehaus College of Business; and Marty Hasler, Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, along with Amy Obendorf, Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

“I have felt that, specifically, minority groups are marginalized student communities,” said Lynch, who has been outspoken during incidents including the campus chalking in April.

“This is my time to give back to the community that’s given me so much,” junior Thimmesh Rachie said.

“I just want to help as many people as I can. This is a different avenue where I can help people,” Hasler said.

Only two senator positions face opposition. Katy Bozich and Diamaris Martino face each other for the Senator for the College of Communication seat. Grace Covarrubias, Ben Gartland and Michael Mulligan all compete for Senator for Mission and Values.

Mulligan currently sits as Senator for Mission and Values, so he runs for re-election.

“To go into communities and stand in solidarity, telling our stories together, ” Covarrubias said. “That’s what’s truly powerful about the Vincentian mission. I’m really passionate about creating a network…and bringing this to DePaul students. We all love the idea of being socially-responsible leaders.”

This time around, no students are running to serve as senators for: Second Year Students, Fourth and Fifth Year Students, Graduate Students, Transfer Students, Community and Government Relations, The Theatre School, the College of Education, the School of New Learning, the College of Law, College for Computing and Digital Media (up to two Senators) or the College of Science and Health (up to two Senators). SGA would also allow a second Senator for the Driehaus College of Business.

All of these positions will remain vacant at the start of fall quarter.

However, SGA usually holds more elections in the fall. This allows students who had other factors impeding their decisions to run another chance. Some of the vacant positions might be filled at that time, along with a Senator for First Year Students, should an incoming freshman seize the opportunity.

“We want to get everyone involved in the election in a positive way,” Scoville said.

Voting opens on May 16 at 9 a.m. and closes May 20 at 12 p.m.

Full list of SGA candidates

President and Vice President: Ric Popp and Megan Scoville

EVP of Operations: Adriana Kemper

EVP of Student Affairs: Andrew Willett

EVP of Academic Affairs: Michael Greene

Treasurer: Omar Escamilla

Senator for Mission and Values: Grace Covarrubias, Ben Gartland and Michael Mulligan

Senator for Sustainability: Sarah Nolimal

Senator for Commuter Students: Marina Lozano

Senator for Intercultural Awareness: Michael Lynch

Senator for the Driehaus College of Business: Jamie Thimmesh Rachie

Senator for the College of Communication: Katy Bozich and Diamaris Martino

Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Marty Hasler and Amy Obendorf

Senator for the School of Music: Jesse Bruer

Senator for Third Year Students: Mandy Cervantes