LIVE: DePaul Student Government Association forum


Watch live beginning at 8:15 p.m. as we interview candidates for executive positions for DePaul Student Government Association. Have questions for the candidates? Tweet at @TheDePaulia with the hashtag #DPUElect

0:30 – Michael Greene, running for Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
1:30 – Greene’s top three initiatives
2:40 – Q: What needs to be done about microaggressions in the classroom and what role does SGA play?
10:27 – Andrew Willett, running for Executive Vice President of Student Affairs
13:14 – How will you actively work to address issues of free speech that are currently dividing students in light of the recent chalking incident?
20:42 – Adrianna Kemper, running for Executive Vice President of Operations
21:19 – Top three initiatives
23:55 – How can SGA work to make sure students stay safe in light of recent assaults?
31:50 – Omar Escamilla, running for Treasurer
32:46 – Top three initiatives
34:57 – How will you improve transparency in terms of the SGA budget?
43:26 – Megan Scoville, running for Vice President
46:20 – Why are you qualified and how will you differentiate yourself from previous candidates?
51:44 – Is there a right balance between an activist student government and a student government that works behind the scenes?
1:00:10 – How do you and Ric Popp [running for President] plan to address concerns that minority students have with race relation issues that have been demonstrated in DePaul students’ involvement in Laquan McDonald protests?
1:07:50 – How else will you increase campus affinity aside from wearing blue on Thursdays?

Presidential candidate Ric Popp was unavailable for this interview.

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