denBoer appoints associate provost for research


For nearly two years, Lawrence Hamer has served two roles at DePaul: associate provost for governance and academic integrity and interim associate provost for research. In an April 20 press release, the university announced that, effective immediately, Hamer would begin serving a new role as DePaul’s associate provost for research.

The new appointment follows DePaul Provost Marten denBoer’s announcement earlier last week of  “restricting of certain responsibilities within the Division of Academic Affairs.” According to DePaul’s Faculty Opportunities website, as the associate provost for research, he or she is expected to report to denBoer and “(oversee) the university’s support of research, pursuit and management of external grant funding for research and other activities, research integrity and protection, patents and intellectual property transfer.”

“Lawrence has done an excellent job overseeing the Office of Research Services these past two years, and I appreciate that he will continue in this role,” denBoer said in a statement. “Accordingly, the current search for the open position will be suspended. Like many universities across the country, DePaul is in the process of making budget adjustments. I recognize that the lack of an individual whose sole responsibility is to expand research at DePaul is not ideal, and I hope this decision can be revisited soon.”

Hamer’s appointment is among multiple changes occurring within the Division of Academic Affairs. The April 20 press release included other responsibility shifts underway: “Lucy Rinehart, associate provost for academic programs and faculty, will assume the role of Faculty Council liason. Rob Karpinski, associate vice president for external initiatives, will oversee the academic integrity process. Caryn Chaden, associate provost for student success and accreditation, will manage the academic calendar.”