DePaul trustee steps down from Federal Reserve board position amid federal investigation


Courtesy of Exelon

DePaul Trustee Anne Pramagiorre

Anne Pramaggiore, the DePaul Board of Trustees member who abruptly left her position as CEO of Exelon after the utility company received two subpoenas in a broader federal investigation, has also stepped down from her position on the Federal Reserve Bank, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Her role as chair of the Federal Reserve was just one of several positions Pramaggiore holds in Chicago, including one of DePaul’s trustees. As of Thursday afternoon, Pramaggiore was still a trustee, DePaul spokesperson Carol Hughes said. Hughes did not answer a question about whether or not that was expected to change.

Board of Trustees members can only be removed by the vote of other trustees, though the specifics of what it would take for this to happen remain unclear. Jim Ryan, president of the board, told the DePaul through a spokesperson that trustees would “take a hard look at” any cases of other trustees not meeting “high expectations.”

“DePaul’s Board of Trustees has high expectations for everyone in the university community,” he said. “We expect even more from our fellow trustees. If something comes up that’s inconsistent with our expectations, we’ll of course take a hard look at it.”