DePaul student accused of leading online toilet paper scam


Tamas Kovacs/MTI via AP

A worker checks the toilet paper rolls on a conveyor belt at a plant of Vajda-Papir Ltd in Budapest, Hungary, Friday, April 17, 2020.

A DePaul student allegedly participated in an online shopping scam, selling free toilet paper in exchange for a shipping and handling fee, according to a report by CBS 2.

The student, allegedly from Batavia, cannot be identified because he has not been charged with a crime.

Victims say that the website, Sally’s Depot, collected payment but no toilet paper was delivered in return.

Hundreds of desperate people came across the ad on facebook, and when some victims attempted to reach out to the seller via email about their toilet paper order, the email bounced back as invalid.

The student in question knew he could make a lot of money scamming people online – and he bragged about it on social media, according to footage the alleged scammer posted online found by CBS Chicago.

“Just put two and two together, and you’ll realize how much money you can make doing this,” he allegedly said. 

The Batavia Police Department told The DePaulia that they could neither confirm nor deny that the DePaul student is being investigated, but they did say that an investigation of similar nature is underway.

Students and alumni are baffled by the allegations. 

“Obviously it’s wrong, but that’s hilarious people are buying TP off Facebook,” DePaul senior Colby Marchio said. It’s sad how far people have to go to get a decent wipe nowadays.”

“That guy should not only have his name blasted everywhere to be publicly shamed, but charges should be pressed. He is scum,” DePaul alumnus Danny Minard said.

“If they are indeed guilty, such disgusting behavior should be punished in such a way that they truly learn their lesson,” Minard added. “Charges should be pressed and they should be expelled.”

DePaul responded to the allegations with the following statement: “In general, we refer reporters to law enforcement to provide detail on any criminal investigation and, when appropriate, follow established policies and procedures to respond to allegations of student misconduct.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.