St. Vincent’s DeJamz

When I had the idea to write a DeJamz playlist for every zodiac season, it was all building to this: Leo season. You don’t have to guess if you have a Leo in your life; they definitely announced their sign within minutes of meeting you. They are generous, loyal, and exuberant —if not a bit stubborn and self-centered.

Famous Leos include Robert Plant, Barack Obama, Phoebe Bridgers, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Hemsworth. On the DePaulia side of things, we have Sports Editor Lawerence Kreymer, Photo Chief Eric Henry and myself

I Don’t Want It At All- Kim Petras

Even those not super well-versed in astrology know that Leos have a reputation for being a bit egotistical. This ode to 1980s pop fits that vibe perfectly, with Petras belting out “give me all of your attention” in the chorus. Aside from the song’s lyrics, the bright, boisterous sound of this track also demands that you give your full attention, with the chorus guaranteed to be stuck in your head days after.

Golden Hour-Kacey Musgraves

The title track off of her much-acclaimed 2018 album, this song doesn’t just remind me of Leos in a basic sense: Golden Hour is where Leos live. Musgraves, herself a Leo, expertly captures the depths to which Leos feel; in this track, she equates falling in love to adopting a brand new perspective on the world, in which everything is more beautiful and warm. Only a Leo. 

Night Changes-One Direction

I would be remiss if I did not include a One Direction song on their ten-year anniversary. While not as flashy as one may expect for a Leo anthem, this song showcases the softer side of the sign. Speaking from experience, I can say with full confidence that Leos tend to be a bit overly-sentimental; I’ve often found myself at the end of many fun nights getting emotional over the beauty of friendship and being young or something like that. This song is all about living in the moment and being grateful despite the changing world around you, which is an affirmation I try to live by.

Express Yourself-Madonna

If you thought Madonna was any other sign but a Leo, I really just do not know what to tell you. Everything the woman does screams “look at me,” but in the best possible way. One of her most famous songs, this number is all about knowing your worth and expecting nothing but the best from a partner. However, Madge doesn’t equate “the best” with material goods and grand gestures of romance; she simply wants her guy to express his emotions openly and make her feel loved. I can say without any equivocation that this is a Leo in their final form.

Babylon-Lady Gaga

I won’t go as far as to say that Leos love drama—but they always find themselves on the outskirts of it somehow. Reminiscent of “Old Gaga,” this song turns the drama up to 11, making gossip sound downright biblical, complete with a full choir towards the end. Leos tend to be extroverts, and you can bet that when it is safe for clubs to open again, you’ll see a whole mess of them tearing it up to this track.