Faculty Council president, SGA discuss tuition prices, online education


Bianca Cseke | The DePaulia

DePaul University Lincoln Park campus.

Faculty Council President Scott Paeth and  the Student Government Association (SGA) discussed tuition prices, improving the university’s diversity profile and the quality of online education for students with disabilities in a cabinet meeting Monday. SGA also discussed its upcoming Civic Engagement and Social Action series.

Tuition prices

SGA raised students concerns about the costs of tuition as most classes for the fall quarter move online with students paying the same tuition rates as last year. Paeth said that the Tuition Pricing Committee had previously voted to increase tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year but rolled back the decision due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there is no decision in place to discount tuition. Paeth also said that while students lose the in-person experience with remote learning, the quality of DePaul’s education will not decrease, citing how the university has worked to build a “brand” as a university that can provide a first-class education.  

Improving DePaul’s diversity profile

SGA expressed a need for more diverse faculty members teaching at DePaul and promoting the needs of students of color within the university. Paeth said the university has discussed improving its diversity profile through two new additions: an associate provost for diversity, equity and inclusion, and the creation of the Faculty Council Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The associate provost will work to improve issues in these areas within the university’s administration. The Faculty Council Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will function as a standing committee advocating for policies that improve the university’s diversity performance and inform the Faculty Council of issues regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Quality of remote learning for students with disabilities

SGA raised concerns about the quality of online education for students with disabilities. Paeth said that the Center for Students with Disabilities is working with students to ensure that online classes will be as effective and accommodating  as possible and that the new technologies could be an “advantageous tool” for students with disabilities. 

Civic Engagement and Social Action Series

SGA plans to get students more involved in political and social activism through its Civic Engagement and Social Action Series. The program, hosted by SGA President Gisselle Cervantes, will take place through Facebook Live and will feature guest speakers involved in civic engagement and social justice within the DePaul community and the greater Chicago area. The program is expected to begin the week of Sept. 1 and will have weekly events until the general election in November.