Missing DePaul student Alexis Gaskew found safe


DePaul junior Alexis Gaskew was found Wednesday night after she was reported missing for more than 20 hours, an ABC7 Chicago report said.

When contacted at 10:30 p.m. a Riverdale Police Department spokeswoman would not comment or provide any details on the situation.

Family and friends reached out by social media to report and spread awareness about the 22-year-old’s unusual absence. According to the report, Gaskew last contacted her family Monday night when she arrived at her Riverdale home in the South suburbs. Gaskew was found Wednesday at approximately 8 p.m. with no further details about her disappearance.

Kandace Thomas, a DePaul graduate student, said that by Wednesday night she hadn’t seen any statement from the university about Gaskew’s disappearance. Thomas called DePaul Public Safety at 7:48 p.m. to ask whether students would be notified about Gaskew’s disappearance and spoke with Officer Garvey.

Thomas said Garvey would not comment on any statement made by the university, but said “if there was anything students needed to know they would know.”

Gaskew works a part-time job on campus at the Office of Student Employment.