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DePaul SGA meeting recap, Sept. 10


The Student Government Association held their first general body meeting of the year on Thursday, Sept. 10. Here is a beat memo documenting what took place at that meeting.

New business

  • Kristina Pouliot was confirmed as Elections Operations Board Chair by a 17 to one vote.
  • A Constitutional Revisions Board appointment was approved unanimously.
  • The general body approved the appointment of David Meunier as Parliamentarian by a vote of quorum.
    • “I transferred here last year, and my main goal for coming to DePaul was getting involved. I didn’t really accomplish that last year, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to get involved in the university, since this wasn’t something I had really done at my previous institution,” Meunier said. “Especially since this was student government, and it’s going to make an impact on the students in the university and the community surrounding the university. For me, before I graduate, this is definitely one of the goals that I had.”
  • As parliamentarian, Meunier will be charged with maintaining order at each meeting and ensuring that constitutional rules are adhered to. He also will chair the yet-to-be appointed Judicial Board.

President’s Report

  • President Vanessa Cadvillo gave a brief, business-like welcome.
  • The overview of SGA rules remained banal.
  • The policies regarding tardiness were dictated pointedly.  Several members sauntered in a few minutes past 6 p.m., murmuring vague words of apology as they took their seats.
  • “Let’s work together to make this one heck of a year,” Cadavillo said.
  • Cadvillo worked with Bob McCormick, DePaul Vice President of Information Services, to get $12 of printing for summer quarter as well as $24 per regular quarter for undergrads and $36 per quarter for law students.
  • There is a new Snapchat filter for the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center, as well as updated water refill stations.
  • They compared meal plan prices with other institutions, and the review is ongoing.
  • They seek to foster a stronger relationship with the DePaul Activities Board through different event partnerships.
  • An upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Loop Campus eleventh floor dining center is planned for Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 2 p.m.

Vice President’s Report

  • Minutes at SGA meetings will now be recorded on OrgSync. Members will be able to see a summation of what they’ve said as well as what they are currently working on.
  • Members were urged to communicate with the student body via social media.

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Treasurer’s Report

  • As treasurer, Damian Wille hopes to expand his SGA position beyond its typical duties, possibly by working with the financial aid department to bolster scholarship opportunities for students.
  • The new SGA budget is based on Mobius (the university’s financial activity tabulator), which allows for a more accurate report of the group’s specific expenditures.
  • Most notably, the food budget has been increased for the upcoming year. “It’s no secret that students love free food,” Wille said.
  • The budget was approved by an open vote of 21 to one.
  • There will be a vote held on whether or not to revamp the budget each quarter. More on this next week.

EVP Reports

  • EVP of Academic affairs, Kristina Pouliot
    • A new student preferred name and gender policy is in the works. With this policy, any form that is not a legal document can include the student’s preference.
  • EVP of Operations, Adriana Kemper
    • There is an interest in putting safety tips on the televisions of the residence hall lobbies.
    • Solar-powered charging stations will begin to be installed on campus, beginning with the quad.
  • EVP for Student Affairs, Patrick Pfohl
    • This year marks the launch of a new semi-quarterly student leader roundtable, which will be held to connect SGA with the students who run different organizations on campus.
  • Elections Operations Board (EOB) report
    • Meetings regarding the upcoming election for open positions will be held in the beginning of October. Positions are available for Senator of First Year Students, Senator of Transfer Students, School of Music Senator, College of Law Senator. Inquires of other positions are to follow.
    • Senators and liaisons all gave brief reports, including what they were looking forward to in the upcoming year as well as their highs and lows from the past summer. These were largely uneventful in nature.
    • Vincent DePaul is being rebranded as “#VinnyD.” Senator for Mission and Values Michael Mulligan and the rest of SGA are working to make Vinny Fest a definitive DePaul tradition.
    • They made comments for the good of the order and Senator for the Theatre School James Garrastegui wants laminated name cards.
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