DePaul basketball’s Blue Madness featuring rapper Twista plays out more like ‘Blue Sadness’


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Blue Madness, the Athletic Department’s annual basketball season kick-off played out more like Blue Sadness Friday night.It’s not a good sign when, at a basketball event, the emcee asks who has attended a Theatre School production and then asks who has attended a basketball game, and The Theatre School gets the louder applause.

But that was the case Friday night at McGrath-Phillips Arena for Blue Madness. What was supposed to be an event to generate hype for the upcoming season instead seemed like a desperate plea to attend basketball games.

Oh and Twista played too, I guess.

“Our ladies and our men bring a passion everyday, but you know what? We play in a tough non-conference schedule and a tough league,” DePaul men’s head coach Oliver Purnell said as he addressed the crowd. “We play to compete and win that league, but we need a little bit more.

“Together with your passion and energy, and energy and passion that these group (of players) bring, it’s going to be a great year,” Purnell said.

The speech drew some cheers, but overall, the crowd didn’t react. Through awkward player intros — which included two mispronunciations on the women’s team — to emcee Denny Love desperately having the crowd chant “Nov. 14!” for the first pair of games being played, the event fell flat.

Love even marginalized the accomplishments of the women’s team with jokingly hitting on them, giving out his phone number as they left the stage. Kevin Hart wants his shtick back, Love.

Regarding Twista’s performance, the rapper was the lone bright spot. Twista swept through and played for about 30 minutes. Among his setlist, he made sure to play “Slow Jamz,” and saved “Overnight Celebrity” for last to make sure everyone stuck around (they didn’t as crowds of people left early).

Maybe Twista’s goal was to set the party off right, but it was hardly a party.

Check out The DePaulia staff’s live-tweeting of Friday night’s event below.