DePaul announces student options following Chicago’s Emergency Travel Order

DePaul University’s Office of Student Affairs and Department of Housing sent out university-wide emails to students early Friday to inform them of options for the upcoming fall quarter in light of Chicago’s Emergency Travel Order, effective July 6.

The Department of Public Health’s directive requires travelers entering the city to quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of their last contact with an infected area. Restricted states will be reviewed and updated on the city’s website weekly. 

Individuals found violating the order are subject to city fines of $100 to $500 per day, and up to $7,000.

In preparation for the planned return to campus, departments across the university developed protocol for students returning from out of state in adherence with quarantine guidelines. 

Gina Ricards

Students living off-campus from affected areas will have two options. 

They must return to the city at least two weeks prior to the September 9 start of the quarter and self-quarantine. Quarantine may be conducted outside of the city as long as it is not in a location restricted by the order and the student does not visit any of the restricted states during or after the quarantine period. 

If this is not possible, students are to conduct their fall quarter classes online which may complicate schedules — especially for upperclassmen.

“Students who may find themselves in this situation are encouraged to contact their advisor to choose another option,” said university spokesperson Carol Hughes. 

For students living on-campus, the Housing Department developed three options for moving in.

Gina Ricards

Similar to off-campus students, the first option involves a two-week quarantine period prior to the start of the quarter and moving in as scheduled. 

Students can also schedule an early move-in date of August 16 and conduct their 14-day quarantine on-campus.

Lastly, students can either cancel or defer their on-campus housing agreement and live elsewhere to conduct their in-person fall schedules. A quarantine period of two weeks will still be required for returning to campus. 

Students planning to live on-campus are required to select their move-in option no later than July 24. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.