Letter from the Editor: We’re in this together


Eric Henry

Students walk around a mostly empty campus during the pandemic.

When life as we knew it ended last March we had no idea the year that was awaiting us. To say that it was difficult would be a wild understatement. The past year introduced changes and challenges in just about every facet of life, with a definitive end to the pandemic still off in the distance. 

Here at The DePaulia, we lost our ability to print a physical newspaper to distribute across a now nearly empty campus. So we shifted our focus to our website, ensuring that we were a resource for the DePaul community as they navigated the uncertainty ahead of them. Through it all, we were here. Here to report, inform and empathize with our peers as we all wandered through the darkness together. 

In the early weeks, our social media presented a direct line of communication to our readers and we couldn’t have anticipated the community that that would cultivate. At a time in which everyone was grappling with sudden isolation this offered an opportunity to virtually link arms with our readers and trudge forward together. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

Now as vaccinations pick up and the world starts to slowly return to normal, we want to make sure that we never forget the trials, tribulations and triumphs of 2020. Most importantly, we wanted to document this historic time through the eyes of those who lived through it. 

So, here is our Covid-19 special issue focused on the many different impacts of the pandemic, particularly as they relate to the DePaul community. 

Importantly, this isn’t meant to be a feel-good, celebratory “we did it!” as the pandemic winds down. Instead, it will serve as a historical record of the experiences of DePaul during this time. We did not want to shy away from the horror that this year has brought for so many people but instead ensure that we never forget those experiences in the hope that this never happens again. 

Overall, we hope that this special issue offers some clarity and maybe even some solace as you read and potentially relate to the perspectives reflected in these stories. While this year did not go how any of us expected, it was a privilege and an honor to inform the community during this time and we can’t wait to return to campus with the rest of you.