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Moneyball: DePaul student makes $10,000 half-court shot

Mark Black/DePaul Athletics
Connor Koy, DePaul sophomore, sinks a halfcourt shot at the DePaul Men’s Basketball game against Creighton on Jan. 9, at Wintrust Arena.

DePaul men’s basketball may have walked away with a tough loss to Creighton Jan. 9, but loyal DePaul basketball fan Connor Koy had much to celebrate after draining a half-court shot worth $10,000 during halftime.

Koy, a sophomore Strobel honors accounting major, was one of five students randomly selected to participate in the promotion through the DePaul Blue Demons app.

“One of my friends shot the first shot,” Koy said. When his friend missed short, Koy said it informed his own shot. “I knew what to do.”

Koy’s shot was so well-executed, it almost seemed rehearsed: the run-up, the composure to keep his feet behind the line and the array of celebrations that followed.

“I told a couple friends before, that if I get up there, I’m gonna make it, and if I get up there this is what I’m going to do, this is how I’m going to celebrate,” Koy said. “I just wanted to stay on the court for as long as I could.”

Koy’s shot and animated celebrations that followed did not go unnoticed by those in attendance.

“I don’t think anyone could believe it when it went in,” said DePaul sophomore Ryan Thomas, who was at the game. “I even saw Creighton fans get on their feet and cheer for him. His celebration after was great too. Him doing the Johnny ‘Money’ Manziel celebration just made sense.”

Since making the shot, Koy has been asked many times what he will do with the prize money. A sports fan, Koy is thinking about using some to attend a couple of big sporting events — and saving the rest.

“I really like watching soccer. I like college basketball and football,” Koy said. “Those are my three favorite sports. The Packers are my favorite football team. … If they go to the conference championship or the Super Bowl, it would be hard not to go.” 

Koy says he goes to as many DePaul basketball games as he can with his friends. 

“It’s a way to spend a night that’s fun,” he said. “We’re Wintrust faithful.”

Some students think DePaul directly gives away the $10,000, but that is not the case.

“The $10,000 comes through an insurance policy acquired by the university that then pays out should the individual make a half-court shot,” a DePaul Athletics spokesperson said. The contest requires students to check in on the app, so they can be randomly selected, and contestants can’t be former high school or college basketball players.

The promotional $10,000 half-court shot is something DePaul Athletics does annually at basketball games to attract fans.


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