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Student activists continue to protest DePaul while social distancing

DePaul University Lincoln Park campus.

Sonal Soni, Contributing Writer

April 23, 2020

In an era of social distancing, student activists dissatisfied with DePaul’s response to COVID-19 are using alternative methods to traditional in-person protesting. The COVID-19 pandemic creates setbacks to student activist’s ability to organize, but DePaul student coalitions persist by utilizin...

OPINIÓN: El fallecimiento de una persona no debería matar su activismo

Los pétalos de las flores caen cuando familiares y amigos lloran alrededor de la tumba del activista comunitario Homero Gómez González en Ocampo, estado de Michoacán, México.

Jovan Gonzalez and Maria Guerrero

February 19, 2020

El activismo siempre ha sido algo poderoso que ha cambiado perspectivas cuando es hecho correctamente.  Recientemente el reconocido activista de la mariposa monarca de México, Homero Gómez González, fue encontrado muerto el 13 de enero de este año. Originalmente Gómez González fue consid...

‘You don’t want no problems:’ Chance gets political

Chance the Rapper spent a couple of hours with fans, covering a variety of topics to include Chicago Public Schools and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chance said he will live in Chicago until the day he dies. (Photo courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art)

Jonathan Ballew, Asst. News Editor

March 12, 2018

Chance Bennet, better known as Chance the Rapper, made a highly anticipated appearance at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Monday. While the conversation between Chance and South Side journalist Adrienne Samuels Gibbs had a heavy focus on Chance’s artistic process, the two were not afraid to...

Graduate students look to band together

Graduate students at the University of Missouri during a 2015 protest where students supported the unionization route.  (Photo courtesy of The Maneater)

Benjamin Conboy, News Editor

January 29, 2018

Graduate students are taking the first steps in forming a student association that would hear grievances, complaints and demands from the graduate student body and take them up with the university. The group would be similar to how the Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body...

Use your platform

Paul Drinkwater | AP

Brenden Welper, Contributing Writer

January 16, 2018

Silence is a lot of things.  But in the case of last Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, silence was anything but golden. For the men of Hollywood, it was their first chance to denounce a dark secret that had finally been unearthed.  Harvey Weinstein, Russell Simmons, Louis C.K. and so many others had used the...

Vincentian Prayer Breakfast recognizes DePaul activists

Sr. Judy Warmbold, D.C., speaks about the work the DePaul Dax Program is doing.
(Benjamin Conboy/The DePaulia)

Benjamin Conboy

October 2, 2017

Attendees of the Vincentian Prayer Breakfast gathered the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 27 to share a meal and prayer service while recognizing the recent accomplishments of the DePaul Dax Program. Read More »...

DePaul students’ Vincentian engagement of civil rights problems

People from DePaul joined the larger Chicago community to engage in a

Rachel Hinton

May 17, 2015

At 5 p.m. on Friday, amid workers commuting from the Loop, a “train takeover” protest disrupted the already bumpy flow of the train ride. Among the ranks of veteran protestors, DePaul students as part of the Vincentians United (VU) faction and other social justice and activist groups joined in. Read More »...

Community conversations needed for police problems

Grassroots and community activists from Oakland, California (above) to Washington, D.C. have been driving the continuing outcry against police brutality since the death of Freddie Gray. (Ray Chavez/The Oakland Tribune via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

Rachel Hinton

May 10, 2015

On arguably the nicest day of the quarter, DePaul’s Black Student Union (BSU) lounged in a circle on the Quad hosting a “pop-up” conversation on topics ranging from police brutality to treatment of the oppressed that was occasionally swept away by strong gusts of wind. BSU’s mission for that day  mirrored that of other groups around the countr...

Chicago activists sympathize with Baltimore

A small group of protesters marches on 15th Place near Kedzie Avenue in Chicago April 20 after a Cook County judge threw out all the charges against veteran Chicago Police detective Dante Servin, who was on trial for fatally shooting Rekia Boyd during an off-duty incident in March 2012, ruling that prosecutors failed to prove that the detective acted recklessly. (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Brenden Moore

May 3, 2015

A “teach-in” was held on DePaul’s Loop campus Wednesday night to explain the controversial acquittal of a Chicago detective charged with manslaughter in the 2012 death of Rekia Boyd, a 22-year-old African American woman. Read More »...

‘Black lives matter’: Q&A with Elijah Obasanya, Chicago police violence protestor

People demonstrate at Michigan Ave. on the Day of Anger march, Dec. 13. (Kevin Gross / The DePaulia)

Kevin Gross

January 11, 2015

The nation looked on as the indictment decisions for the police officers responsible in the deaths of African-Americans Mike Brown and Eric Gardner came out on Nov. 24 and Dec. 3. Read More »...

Catcalling and the objectification of women

Catcalling and the objectification of women

Heather Slawny

November 16, 2014

A surprisingly large number of people touted similar reactions to the creator of the YouTube channel Red Pill Philosophy, who recently spoke about a video posted last week, unveiling the seriousness of street harassment, or catcalling, and its prevalence in women’s lives. “I just want to ...

Kathleen Hanna’s unique brand of activism

Kathleen Hanna, former lead singer for the band Bikini Kill, who also records under the name Julie Ruin and is a vocal proponent of feminism. Photo courtesy of Kathleen Hanna

Frances Welch

June 2, 2014

In the early 1990s, Kathleen Hanna was on the hunt to find a way to make her voice heard. An active feminist with strong opinions towards sexism, Hanna gravitated towards expressing her beliefs by participating in spoken word poetry and creating unconventional, controversial fashion shows; however, this...

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