• Tyler Solorio

    Dr. Koocher could’ve had a chance had he even bothered to try to handle this appropriately. The evidence was stacked against him and with his reactions, not only did he not care to argue the evidence, but he personally attacked those who spoke out against his leadership rather than the evidence presented, to go so far as make personal comment’s about a parent’s death to one of the voices of opposition. That alone didn’t seem to be a concern to DePaul, outside of the massive concerns brought up against him all ready, that he could so casually bring in dead family in arguments of those against him. Ad hominem is a base line. This isn’t about hindsight, this isn’t about what’s in the past, we have a man in charge who didn’t care then and obviously shows he didn’t care now. We have to old any scientist or anyone in the field of science to the highest levels of ethics because we have seen the slipper slope of gray areas in science prior. When you don’t raise the bar and hold the standard, you get things such as the Tuskegee experiments. It is a crying shame and a joke that this man has anything to do with ethics.

    • Tyler Solorio

      Hold* any and slippery* slope. It wasn’t a typo before entry.

  • John Evrard

    Professor Bassiouni is correct. Our University, which justifiably prides itself in teaching and practicing compassion toward others, irrespective of differences, should initiate a formal investigation conducted by objective professionals who have no connection to DePaul and publicly report accordingly. Meanwhile, Dr. Koocher should immediately and voluntarily commence a period of unpaid leave from his position at the University until such time as the investigation is complete. If the charges are devoid of merit, he should be re-instated. If the charges against him prove to be true and accurate, Dr. Koocher must resign, and he will then be obliged to publicly acknowledge his guilt for having aided and abetted agents of the U.S. government in the perpetration of countless acts of torture during the Administration of G.W. Bush. His collusion, if such exists, smacks of the illegal and lurid human experimentation conducted by medical professionals in World War II Germany, in effect asserting, “Let’s try X on Prisoner A and see how he responds.” One hopes that as a teacher and presumed role model for young people, Dr. Koocher will show the decency and integrity to face up squarely to the accusations being made.

    John Evrard, J.D. ’80