St. Vincent DeJamz


With the rain, wind, and below-40 degree weather, it does not quite seem like we are a week into spring. But just because the weather might not scream it, you can always enjoy songs that embody the season. Acoustic, airy sets with nostalgic-yet-hopeful lyrics help give off that distinctive spring aura. If you want to hype up for summer, but have a laid back spring, here are four songs I’ve found to help me enjoy March, April and May.

From The Head and the Heart’s second album, “Gone” has all the essentials to make it a great song for spring. With a strong undertone of acoustic guitar and piano, and lyrics about how “gone are the days,” the Head and the Heart know the perfect way to embody a feeling of nostalgic change. The song even includes musical breaks with an interesting collision of violin and drum, before entering the last minute of their song pleading with listeners to forget their fear of change and to just explore the world.

“Sleep on the Floor” is one of those songs that makes me want to pack everything into my car and go on a cross-country drive. With a beautiful music video to accompany the song, “Sleep on the Floor” has proven to be one of the Lumineers’ most well-known songs. “Cleopatra,” the band’s second album, created a persona of wanting and wishing with a strong percussion sound. “Sleep on the Floor” is the debut song on the album, making it the perfect introduction to spring.



“Everything Now” starts with a lively piano introduction and immediately introduces the idea that we have everything now, at our fingertips, as long as we go get it. The song itself continues throughout with piano interludes combined with a chorus of voices begging for “everything now.” The liveliness and aspirational tone of the song makes it a great tune to play when driving, riding the metro, or trying to finish homework.


“Sedona” came out in 2015 and almost immediately put Houndmouth on the folk music charts. With a strong guitar sound and a stagnant beat, the song relies on its lyrics and the mix of vocals used throughout. From whispering certain lyrics to almost yelling a few, the song wraps you in and does not let go until the final beat. It’s a fun song to have a dance party with or to sing out loud during a sunset, making it a solid song for spring.