St. Vincent DeJamz, May 29, 2018


It’s finally the time for many of DePaul’s finest to pop on that flat, ill-fitting cap that marks the fact that you’ve finally finished spending money here. More importantly, the graduation ceremony denotes that, essentially, the real world is ready for you – whether you’re ready or not. Meanwhile, I’ll be emotionally sitting in a corner somewhere thinking about all the friends who are leaving me behind. In light of that harsh eye-opening realization, the DePaulia has compiled a few songs to guide all of us through this trying time.

“It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons

I thoroughly believe that Imagine Dragons wrote this song with graduations in mind, considering it has been used as an official class song by schools all over the world for what feels like forever. Whether or not that is the case, “It’s Time” is as catchy as they come, and the lyrics speak to all the feelings of a soon-to-be graduate. Plus, it was one of Imagine Dragons’ hits before they got more mainstream, if that’s something you’re into.




“Moment 4 Life”- Nicki Minaj

An original Nicki Minaj bop, “Moment 4 Life” brings to life a Cinderella-esque fantasy beat with Minaj reminiscing about her rise to fame and her desire to never leave the moment she reached the top. Drake also lends his talents for an old-school Aubrey Graham verse in the middle that takes the nostalgia in this song to another level. If you find yourself looking back fondly at your own journey over the past few years, “Moment 4 Life” is part of the perfect soundtrack.





“Beat Of My Drum”- POWERS

More of a pop-alternative take on a classic graduation tune, “Beat Of My Dream” has an upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics to match; it will make this the best song to have on repeat as you navigate your new post-grad life. Definitely an anthem for those who choose to embrace individuality, this song is perfect for those who are literally going to the beat of their own drum as they embrace the freedom that graduation promises.





YOUTH – Troye Sivan

“YOUTH” is practically guaranteed to slide you directly into the most emotional state possible as Troye Sivan repeatedly sings about the loss of his naivety and youth. As you brace yourself for the semi-adulthood waiting for you on the other side of that graduation stage, keep “YOUTH” in the back of your mind as an example of the inevitability of adulthood. That sinking feeling may still suck, but at least it’ll feel universal.