Political balance needed at DePaul

The city of Chicago had its last Republican mayor in 1931. Since then, the city has been under firm Democratic control. 82 years for any one party should seem like a blatantly obvious plague by any sensible political-minded person.

Yet, in Chicago, the answer has always been to give one more chance to the Democrats. Many of Chicago’s problems may stem from a highly liberal mayor’s office that has had no reason to change course. Mayors such as the Daleys have been able to govern with uncompromising attitudes, and at times it seems they take opposing opinions with about as much seriousness as “The Colbert Report.”

For too long, college campuses such as DePaul have been similarly dominated by liberal speakers, liberal professors and liberal policies. Although many have had good intentions, they have also drowned out many of the conservative opinions within all of us.

No longer is it seen as socially acceptable to oppose gay marriage or affirmative action on many college campuses across the country. The fact that there are even some within the LGBT community who oppose same- sex marriage is often totally ignored by liberally biased universities.

The liberal nature of many universities has drowned out many conservative opinions deemed unfair or unjust. This is not to say who is truly right or wrong; however, no safe conclusion can be reached in any intellectual discussion or community without having first seen both sides in an unbiased manner.

Nowhere does this belief need to be applied more than in the city of Chicago, a liberal beacon of American politics and, unfortunately, a prime example of what happens when one party dominates. Chicago’s unbalanced budget, broken schools, failed gun controls, growing economic disparities and blatant disregard for common ethics by elected officials cannot continue.

We must stop this immediately, and there is no better way than by first taking a look at the 21st century solutions offered by both parties. A good opportunity to listen to a stance alternate from the “politics as usual” in Chicago will be arriving to our campus soon.

Former Republican primary candidate Herman Cain will be speaking on “Free Enterprise and the American Dream” right here at DePaul University Oct. 21. The most publically covered Republican presidential candidate of 2011, Cain will surely attempt to give everyone, regardless of political background, a “piece to chew on.”

Hosting this type of speaker may be beneficial in challenging the pre-existing ideas of students here on campus. A firm believer in free enterprise, Cain supports limited government intervention and low taxes. His classical, yet unique, take on economics challenged many of the pre- existing policies that have persisted in Washington.

In particular his famed, yet also controversial, “9-9-9” flat-tax plan drew attention from both sides of the political aisle. He offered an unusual alternative to a country tired of failed policies. Harboring both radical and moderate views, Cain’s unique spin on traditional conservative policies had proved to be a major talking point for many conservatives, especially those wanting an honest discussion.

Young Americans for Freedom, who is hosting Herman Cain’s speaking event here at DePaul, hope that this event will spark similar discussions within our campus. With hope, students here at DePaul will get to have a taste of the “other” side. Regardless of your political beliefs, the time for an honest look at politics is now. Political awareness on both sides is important to any balanced discussion.

Thus, it’s time to enjoy a speech from one of the foremost conservative speakers in one of the most liberal of American cities. Only by taking into account the voices of both sides of the political spectrum can we truly claim to be politically aware.