Get to know your editors: Grant Myatt

Hey everyone,

My name is Grant Myatt, I’m a junior and I’m the news editor for The DePaulia this year. I’ve been involved with The DePaulia in various positions since my freshman year, so I wanted to be the news editor this year to challenge myself in a new position and focus in on writing more.

Some weeks it feels like we’re at The DePaulia all week, but when I’m not in the office I’m probably working my other part-time job at Gap. But when I’m not working, I love seeing any and all theatre in the city…definitely one of the things I love about Chicago! I also love photography and try to keep that up as much as possible.

A Saturday night definitely varies for me-could be folding clothes at the giant Michigan Avenue Gap, going out with friends or lounging around watching Netflix.

If I had to pick out my favorite thing about DePaul, it would have to be the location. Even out of all the city schools, I’m convinced we have it best. I love living in Lakeview and also being so close to campus. As a student, there are so many opportunities in the city that we can take advantage of – with the U-Pass being the most important.

I’ve taken such a wide range of classes at DePaul that it’s hard to pick out my favorite, but most recently I took “Brand Marketing and Communication” with Dorothy DeCarlo. I love that so many of our professors have amazing real-world experience that they bring to the classroom, and the branding class was fun because we brought in so many current brand examples.

I love eating peanut butter straight from the jar while I’m stressed out.

I’m (secretly) obsessed with Hunter Parrish and Patina Miller.

Sadly, you can’t take me away from my computer.

This summer I’ve been saving up and working as much as possible at the Gap. Despite how often I work, I missed Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher both times they came into our store this summer. The most exciting part of my summer was a last-minute trip with a friend to visit Courtney in NYC. The heat while I was there was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. But despite the constant sweating, the trip was a big deal for Courtney and I with the birth of our friendship jar (see picture).
With the school year about a month away, I’m looking forward to starting up with our normal DePaulia production, and I can’t wait for our trip to New Orleans for convention.