St. Vincent’s DeJAMZ: Finals Edition

It’s the last issue of winter quarter, so The DePaulia staff has put together a list of our favorite songs to put on while studying. If you get all As on your finals, you’re welcome.

1. Michael, Managing Editor: “Your Woman” – White Town

Break out those laptops and sharpen your pencils, but before you start cramming for finals, check out this song I rediscovered last week when burning the midnight oil. A catchy, yet remarkably laid-back beat layered with the British-tinged vocals of White Town helps take the edge off an otherwise stressful and sleepless time. You’ll find yourself singing along ‘Why did you play me this way?’ when confronted by a particularly hard math problem or the blank pages of a long final essay.

2. Courtney, Arts & Life Editor: “Comin‘ Home” – Murder By Death

When studying or doing homework, I need music that’s pretty loud and not mellow at all, so enter Murder By Death. Lead singer Adam Turla has a voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash mixed with the frantic strings on the opening track from the 2008 album “Red of Tooth and Claw.” The song builds in way that makes you want to like, get all of your work done as soon as possible.

3. Lynsey, Nation & World Editor: “Let it Be” – Blackmill

Typically when I study I need music that doesn’t have a lot of lyrics. Unfortunately, that often leaves me with classical piano that makes sleep sound like a great idea.

This song, however, is upbeat enough to keep me awake yet not as heavy as other dubstep. Blackmill is self-described as “melodic dubstep,” which I, a music novice, would describe as beautifully entrancing instrumental magic.

4. Amanda, Copy Editor: “Swansea” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Reining from London, England, BBC has a unique sound that never disappoints. Off their sophomore album “Flaws” released in 2010, “Swansea” is a must-have while studying. Simplistic acoustic strumming behind lead singer Jack Steadman’s soothing vocals and accompanying harmonies make “Swansea” incredibly relaxing. The lack of heavy percussion and lines like “And watch while the freight trains pound into the wild, wild night” combine to create the perfect addition to nights at the library.

5. David, Assistant Sports Editor: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” – Stevie Wonder

What is studying? Boring. What is Stevie Wonder? Fun! There’s almost no better way to boost your morale during finals week than to blast this classic in the background, an upbeat song that would make Tom Thibodeau smile. And the best part is that once you’re done studying, you can sing it to yourself…”signed, sealed, delivered, I’m DONE.”

6. Summer, Copy Editor: “There There” – Radiohead

Radiohead is my default homework/studying music. “There There,” off of album “Hail to the Thief,” takes the mind on a journey into those frightening thoughts carved in our minds. From the pulsating drum and electric guitar rhythm to lead singer Thom Yorke’s heartbeat-raising, drifting falsetto telling you “just ’cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there”- sounds just like how much progress I’ve made on this paper.