• Brandon Edge

    What a tool! This guy needs some tar feathering.

  • Siriuss Blackk

    of course the comments section is moderated, can’t have the wrong opinion being expressed eh? how are your school’s ratings doing by the way? how do you expect this affaire to affect enrollment for next year? because you can be damn sure people will not forget about this for quite some time…

  • Race Hochdorf

    “I’ve asked (Student Affairs) to reflect on how future events should be staffed so that they proceed without interruption; how protests are to be more effectively assisted and enabled…”

    Um… no. I don’t think protesters need any more “enabling”. It appears they were plenty enabled by the looks of their god-awful behavior. But then again, you’re on their side aren’t you?

  • Bobby Obvious

    Biased article by biased writer (check her Twitter). For a better researched article, go here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/university-admins-surrender-to-violent-protesters-shutter_us_57454738e4b00853ae7b5ae3

  • seth_bishop

    Wow that just made me sick. This is what our forefathers fought for? Just to end up giving it all away to foreigners who don’t have out values? America is officially run by Fascists. Time to give the wheel back to the working class salt of the Earth realists who aren’t spending every waking second complaining about the first world. The people who actually care for and about what America is and will be.

  • SGT Ted

    The “Reverend” takes the side of the thugs violating other peoples free speech rights. Pathetic.

  • FlameCCT

    Hey Holtschneider,
    You’re supposed to be running a university not a Progressive indoctrination center. I also noticed that the only person arrested was a journalist not the SJW and BLM hooligans. So much for 1st Amendment Rights at DePaul. Congratulations on running the Progressive Plantation – De Paul where only Progressive lies and propaganda are acceptable.

  • TheSuitIsNOTBlack

    He’s basically just giving his own personal and liberally biased opinion of the event. Who cares? lol Conservatives are allowed to invite people to speak at events, just as liberals are. How can he possibly think this is a good way to respond to the ridiculous behavior of these protesters?

  • RU_Serious

    I wonder if there’s a gender pay gap in the Catholic Church? We already know women need not apply to be a priest, and certainly not Bishop, Cardinal, or Pope. And has there ever been a Pope who wasn’t white?

  • Code words for, Take a back seat, College Republicans. But it’s OK. Breitbart will rip this to shreds, and the DePaul alums won’t come to the rescue with money against their suit either, like alums did with the Citadel.

  • Why am I the only one pending approval? You have much much stronger comments than mine. Your explanation as to reason for censorship is appreciated. Thank you.

  • Tenebrae

    It’s nice to know that the Ministry of Truth was kind enough to issue a statement which explains to us that the blatant disregard for the safety of others and denial of free speech was, in all actuality, the victim’s fault. Not only should Milo be refunded the costs of his “security,” but DePaul “University” should be sued on behalf of the American public. I’ve seen a lot of Orwellian behavior in “higher education” lately, but this truly takes the cake.

    Dennis Holtschneider, you pseudo intellectual douchebag, anyone who fears ideas that could invalidate their own are not proponents of higher education, nor should they be perceived as speaking on behalf of such. It absolutely disgusts me that you have such a place of prominence within our education system…and I truly hope that this changes, as a result of your actions.

  • Jona

    Dude believes in the wage gap. That’s a funny one.

  • Pathetic non apology.

  • Ynad Sekeo

    “As a gay man, he has claimed that sexual preference is entirely a choice.” Actually, Milo never said that in any speech or in any print. How inconvenient for President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider the liar, the besmurcher, and the defamer.

  • Chico Fuentes

    Ripping a microphone out of someone’s hands is a battery, and has got to be a violation of one or more provisions of DePaul’s code of conduct. So what is the university going to do about Kayla Johnson (assuming this report is correct about her identity)? http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/05/25/meet-depaul-protester-waved-microphone-milos-face/

  • thesheeplewillhavetheirsay

    Mr. Dilbert, I’d like you to meet Mr. Kafka…..

  • Chico Fuentes

    A published reports the name of the violent thug who grabbed the microphone is Kayla Johnson. I can’t confirm the report, but it should be easy enough for people who were on the scene or have seen the video to fact check. http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/05/25/meet-depaul-protester-waved-microphone-milos-face/

  • Chico Fuentes

    One big question: Did DePaul’s administration tell the security guards to stand down? If so, talk about a knife in the back.

    • Sven Åke Svensson

      Yes. One of DePaulia’s own people uncovered that.

    • Educated Gentleman

      Security was ordered to stand down, and the police did not respond because the black female agitator’s mother has a position on the police force.

      Infiltrate, assume power, and destroy. It’s how these people work.

  • alexia_sf

    I suspect DePaul will go the way of Mizzou and it will be well deserved. You’re very lucky no one was hurt by your stand down order to the supposed “security”. You should be ashamed of yourself and your so called “university”.

  • alexia_sf

    Milo has every reason to file a police report against the female who took a swing at him last night. I hope he does.

  • SGT Ted

    Get in the back of the bus, GOP! We don’t serve your kind here!

  • Steven

    I’m terribly sorry that this trivial little incident interrupted your European vacation. Fortunately, to paraphrase your statement, the speaker “had it coming” and the near riot on campus only required a quick email to be fully resolved. I’m sure the day of “reflection” you prescribed for staff members will be more than sufficient to prevent any further incidents in the future. Once again, thank you for taking the time to pontificate to all us poor plebeians and by all means, Your Holiness, go back to storming the beaches of Normandy.

  • little_perturbed_are_we

    There is no discontent. DePaul allows the animals to run the zoo! As such, no need for the Ring Master President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider. He can be relinquished to the clown car!

  • Kaffir

    Are you heavily censoring these posts too?

  • Kaffir

    He should resign or be replaced,

  • Nem

    ““understood that protests only work when people conduct themselves honorably.””

    Like calling a black girl who disagrees with you a white supremacist, blowing a whistle into a microphone like a child, and having your two main protesters threaten people with physical violence? Holtschneider is a racist, hateful clown who wanted this to happen.

  • roccolore

    Liberal fascists prove their hatred of free speech and make excuses for the snowflakes.

  • Publius72

    Holtschneider’s remarks are simply disgraceful.

    •“We at DePaul have some reflecting and sorting out to do,” he wrote.
    Indeed, sir, you have. For example, how could security allow violent disruption of an event they were supposed to protect from being disrupted? Security the university it would seem instructed to allow the disruption while letting the victims of this shameful farce pay for the pseudo-security the university foisted on them?

    • “I’ve asked (Student Affairs) to reflect on how future events should be staffed so that they proceed without interruption;
    Unless staff is not instructed to allow any attacks no amount of reflection will help. No amount of staff will help. Probably the real aim of this is to force conservative groups to pay prohibitive amounts for pseudo security that does nothing to protect the actual event.

    • “how protests are to be more effectively assisted and enabled;
    There is certainly no need to enable criminals any more. You did just fine, as anyone can witness in the videos of the event you shamefully allowed to be attacked by those thugs.

    •”and how the underlying differences around race, gender and orientation that were made evident in yesterday’s events can be explored in depth in the coming academic year.””
    How about addressing the real problem? And now, not a few years from now? Fr Holtschneider is obviously not in the least concerned with violence done at his university as long as it is directed against conservatives, libertarians or anyone not delivering the prescribed leftist talking points.

  • audubon crosby

    All I can say Father; buffoonery is acceptable on your campus.

  • EndtheMadness

    Holtschneider’s statement was pathetic. He should have stopped at “I was ashamed for DePaul.” This is the event that will do for DePaul next year what BLM did for University of Missouri applications for admission this year. Congratulations on the national impression DePaul has made. Not a word about the complete lack of security/police taking any action to protect the rights and safety of all students. ALL students. Once again, liberals and typical academic types are in favor of free speech as long as you don’t disagree with them. I wouldn’t send my kid to DePaul. DePlorable.

  • realraven2000

    “blissfully unconcerned with the damage they leave behind.” Way to the pot calling the kettle black.He is the president who created this culture of thugs who shut down events by shouting and switching their brains off. This is exactly the kind of blase, self-serving, biased culture that needs to be shocked into thinking.

  • chromecommando

    An article from 2 moths ago: http://depauliaonline.com/2016/04/15/holtschneider-urges-openness-kindness-chalking-controversy/

    Look, I don’t agree with a lot of what Milo Yinnapolous says personally, but seems like the lessons just 3 months ago were forgotten.

  • jdmac4

    DePaul invited Milo to speak and then the administration told security to stand down when he was being assaulted. This was after they charged Milo and the campus Republicans close to 3000 dollars. Until that money is returned DePaul stole from them. Until all parties involved are forced to publicly apologize and then resign, DePaul should not be looked at as an institution of higher learning and should rather be seen as a Brownshirt training camp for leftist authoritarians.

  • plasmacutter

    As a person with 2 degrees and a high paying tech job, I’m telling you in all seriousness to have them learn a trade like electrician, metal fabrication, carpentry, or plumbing, and leverage that into a business. The only post-secondary ed I could see meshing with this is a technical school (NO LIBERAL ARTS) for courses in structural or electrical engineering.

    My grandfather did that without anything but high school and made millions. His kids became doctors but didn’t do much better when adjusted for inflation. My best friend’s grandfather did the same, and paired it with structural engineering to launch an elevator company.

    DO NOT put your kid into any non-technical school, and don’t train them to be rats in the race.

  • Milo’s ‘speech’ belongs in a nightclub, not a serious academic setting. The rhetoric he spews is inaccurate, racist, misogynist and deeply offensive. I’m glad the President recognizes Milo for what he is. I hope more Universities set stricter guidelines so that students can get an education, not be subjected to illogical and hateful campus provocateurs like Milo even though he shamefully calls himself a Republican. He’s not even an American citizen.

    • bakamonosan

      The “stricter guidelines” might be consolidated into a single tome, and shared widely so that all students can adopt the same beliefs. To ensure consistency, students might read from the book daily. To signal the “in group” from the the “out group” the guidelines might be bound in a way that fellow supporters recognise, perhaps black or… red, to preserve the guidelines.

      Out group members like gays, moral degenerates and Jews (like Yiannapolis) will be isolated so that the purity of people like Mancheeze can be preserved. Now go quickly to your shelters.

    • sandy

      How is challenging the wage gap myth and safe space idiocy with facts, “illogical and hateful”?

      Maybe some day you’ll grow up and be ashamed of your participation in this left-wing variety of fascism, which blanket labels all ideologically inconvenient speech and truth as “illogical and hateful” as a pretext for violently suppressing it.

    • Brioxl Bb

      finally I saw someone talking with some logic.
      MaybeThis reaction is Milo want.

    • Comrade Pootie

      You seem to forget that because of aggressive and violent activists trying to silence the opinions of others, you never got a chance to hear him out. No matter the rhetoric of a person voicing his opinion, those who use violence, threats and aggression to silence him are the extremists.

      When you get out in the real world, nobody is protecting you from the opinions of others.

    • Muzzlehatch

      In a night club …. would be less likely to be punched in the face.

  • One___And_Done

    A generation ago I served on my student’s union programming board where we struggled to protect free speech from right-wing nut cases. They would even phone in bomb threats as a tactic to interrupt classes and protest events – including debates. Now the paradigm has shifted, and the nut cases are gathering in numbers on the left. If DePaul turns into a debacle, similar to the University of Missouri protests that disrupted campus operations, then President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider can certainly be replaced by someone competent.

    • Muzzlehatch

      I dont think so. He is keeping a bandaid of a festering sore. What is needed is some strong sunlight.

  • David

    Besides this is irrelevant. A speaker was threatened yesterday. It’s not OK because you don’t think his facts are quite right.

    For this colossal error of judgment, for even thinking this analysis an debate is relevant, Holtschneider should be removed from his position. Whoever has the power to do that should act quickly to show they do not approve or tolerate such garbage.

  • David

    Unfortunately it’ll be anti-Mizzou. He’ll keep his job for knuckling under to the thugs. The president of Mizzou tried to stand up to them a bit and got canned.

    Mizzou is now clearly a better school than DePaul.

    • Bob

      Naw, he just has to respond unequivocally like the president of Ohio State. A group of students started a sit-in his office and he (backed by campus police) told them they had to vacate by a certain time or be arrested for trespass and face charges on campus that may lead to expulsion. The students left without a peep.

    • Russell Smith

      I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out. But I’ve got the feeling it’s not going to be pleasant for him.

  • gush

    Can you hear, DePaulia?
    The crowd is speaking.

  • dont_bring_me_down

    i hope depaul’s de-funded back into obscurity.

  • Andrew Carter

    The President and administrators at DePaul should be ashamed of allowing a bunch of thugs to interrupt an event organized for campus. You may disagree with everything these speakers say but allowing this behaviour to shut down FREE SPEACH is not appropriate. These students should be censured at least and more appropriately expelled for such behaviour. I ask you if a bunk of white protesters did the same thing at a rally for black rights would you have just let it go?

    This is racism of the worst type. Every member of our community should be held to the same standard of decent society whether they are black white or purple. Male, Female or of any other bizarre gender they choose.

  • The Right is the wrong way

    So many salty manbabies getting triggered over their savior Milo being called out as nothing more than a provocateur with nothing substantial to say.

    Please continue talking about “censorship” and first amendment rights. You morons continue to have no clue what it actually means.

  • mycattitude .

    Get out of dePaul fast if you value you or your parents hard earned money and you want a degree that means anything. These fine young black folk have once again ruined the place like they did Mizzou. DePaul is a sinking ship and I’ll enjoy watching it go down as much as I enjoyed seeing Mizzou. They deserve everything they have coming and more. You want to pick free speech rights just for blacks, you deserve whatever you have coming. We’re damn sick of only black lives matter.

  • mycattitude .

    You are absolutely catching on. You either become a brainwashed, violent and entitled SJW and/or feminist and or/ BLM. Or if you are a sensible conservative or rare libertarian liberal you get bullied and marginalized, and probably assaulted along the way.

  • barney rubble

    You guys might want to closely moderate the comments, since their glorious gay leader has egged them on to cry about this situation in droves as witnessed below.

    • John

      You should read those comments more carefully, you might learn something.

    • Sneed Stankonia

      You are the lone, single supporter of the university in all of the comments I have read so far and you are asking for censorship.


  • garyfouse

    Your president is not only a weenie, but he took the occasion of his visit to Normandie to actually compare the disruptors to those who died on D-Day. What a disgrace.

    The issue is freedom of speech. Are universities going to allow conservative voices to speak on campus or not? It appears DePaul will not. This incident should give you all pause.

  • Educated Gentleman

    The left worships 1984 as their bible. Like the Ministry of Truth, they claim power by changing the definitions of words to fit their agenda, distorting them till they work only for themselves.

    It’s the same way, according to the left, one cannot be racist against whites because *their* definition of racism specifically includes a separate paragraph on white privilege.

    “Our hate is speech; your speech is hate.”

    • Paul Johnson

      The dictionary is fine when it comes to “feminism,” though.

  • Anton Spirin

    “He also apologized to College Republicans, writing that, “they deserved an opportunity to hear their speaker uninterrupted, and were denied it.”

    Hello? Depaul?
    I’m on the other side of the world and have nothing to do with the university, BUT this shit with Milo is going viral 🙂

    The internet is a magical thing, you should try it sometimes.

    “Too much tension among different student groups. A very uncomfortable learning environment. I will NOT apply to their law school next year. S…”

    I can totally see the tension in the video and how the university’s authorities are fueling it 🙂

  • Educated Gentleman