U.S. to pursue military intervention in Syria

President Obama announced today that the United States will proceed with military intervention in Syria.

The decision comes after U.S. officials discovered evidence of chemical weapon use by the Assad regime. Obama promised months ago that chemical weapons would cross a “red line” and force U.S. involvement.

“We must acknowledge the costs of doing nothing,” Obama said.

During his speech, the president emphasized that he will not put boots on the ground. He said he does not want to place the U.S. military in the middle of another country’s civil war.

Obama will seek Congressional approval for the attack in lieu of support from the United Nations. He said Congress is prepared to commence a debate and vote over the issue when legislators resume their session after Labor Day. However, he did not address the possibility of disapproval and ignored a question at the end of his speech asking what he would do if that occurred.

The DePaulia will bring you more updates as details are released.