SGA election results largely confirm uncontested candidates


A slate of candidates for executive-level positions in the Student Government Association cruised to victory in uncontested races, results released Friday confirmed.

Ric Popp and Megan Scoville were elected president and vice president, respectively. Current Executive Vice President for Operations Adriana Kemper was reelected to the same position, Senator for First Year Students Andrew Willett was elected EVP for Student Affairs, Senator for CDM Michael Greene was elected EVP for Academic Affairs and Senator for Transfer Students Omar Escamilla was elected Treasurer.

The victory may ring somewhat hollow, however, as participation in the election dropped massively from 2015. Popp and Scoville only received 669 votes, much less than the 1,034 current president Vanessa Cadavillo received last year and barely more than last year’s second place finisher, Luke Kula.

The same effect could be seen with the EVP candidates, who basically matched the totals of last year’s second place finishers.

Only two races were contested on the ballot, the highest profile being a three-way race for Senator for Mission and Values. That was won by Graciela Covarrubius, who beat out incumbent Michael Mulligan and challenger Benjamin Gartland. In a contested race for Senator for the College of Communication, Katy Bozich defeated Diamris Martino by a slim five vote margin.

There were several uncontested contests for senate seats and many write-in campaigns.

Editor’s note: Benjamin Gartland is the sports editor of The DePaulia.