FROM THE EDITORS: Celebrating the first anniversary of La DePaulia

2020 was a year of obstacles that will forever go down in history. From the death of the legendary  Kobe Bryant, to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic that disproportionately impacted communities of color, it became a year that people will never forget.

At The DePaulia, 2020 was also a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of changes to and impact by its coverage. On Jan. 13, 2020, The DePaulia launched its new Spanish-language news site, La DePaulia, changing the way coverage was approached for communities of color. 

The publication became a family of Latinx reporters and editors that covered the historic moments of 2020 for their community by telling their stories in their own native language. This year, La DePaulia’s coverage has anchored its roots not only at DePaul University, but also its surrounding communities. 

Today, we are more than happy to be celebrating our first anniversary.

Jonathan Aguilar,  Co-founder and Former Multimedia Editor, La DePaulia

Working for and helping to create La DePaulia was one of the greatest things I did throughout my time at DePaul. I finally felt there was a space for Latinx students to use their voices and share their experiences. Being a part of it showed me how amazing it is to have a diverse newsroom. I really appreciate all the lessons I learned from La DePaulia and continue to carry them with me in my professional career.


Maria Marta Guzman, Co-founder and Managing Editor, La DePaulia

Reporting for the Latino community of Chicago has allowed myself and our team at La DePaulia to learn about the ins and outs of our city and our audience. Through the trust of our readers, you have allowed us to enter your homes and bring you the stories that make up our city. From our first year of telling stories, we have been able to share stories of a range of individuals. From business owners to public school teachers, La DePaulia and our team has provided our community with a platform for their stories to be shared. Thank you to each and every person who has been on this journey.


Izabella Grimaldo, Co-founder and Arts/ Life, Opinion Editor, La DePaulia

La DePaulia easily became a family for me. From simply being considered to being a part of this project to helping it get started, La DePaulia allowed me to develop my passion for storytelling. With this family, we were able to give voice to communities of color both in and outside of DePaul.  

For over a year we have built a publication that not only highlights the successes of Latinos at DePaul, but features the heroes in the surrounding Latino communities of Chicago. Working with this team of journalists has only enriched my experience at DePaul more and reminded me why I wanted to enter this field in the first place. I will always be grateful for the struggles, obstacles, recognitions and most importantly this family that I gained through the process.


Karina Mireya, Multimedia Editor, La DePaulia

 “La DePaulia has given me a place to do what I love, capturing powerful moments in communities of color across Chicago. Photos are one part of the reporting of La DePaulia, tying visual elements to add on to the amazing storytelling by each writer. La DePaulia is shifting how our own communities are portrayed in the news by documenting moments of joy, pain and resistance. I truly appreciate every moment I have been able to learn alongside Hillary, Maria, Iza and Tori. This team pours their heart out into each and every single story, and I am grateful to be a small part of it.” 


Tori Smolen– Assistant Multimedia Editor, La DePaulia

Working with La DePaulia has given me the ability to improve my skills in a way that supersedes a mere portfolio; having the chance to be a part of a team that works to amplify the voices of their community has been a great honor and learning opportunity this year. I am grateful for the ability to help carry out the mission and purpose that Hillary Flores, Maria Guerrero, Jonathan Aguilar and Izabella Grimaldo had when they started La DePaulia a year ago, as well as for the community and readers that helped make La DePaulia what it is today. I cannot wait to contribute more work to this amazing publication this upcoming year.

As for me, being the Editor-in-Chief and founder of La DePaulia has been transformative and has allowed me to learn more about my community every single day. This publication has opened the doors for me to get internships at Telemundo to now having a job at Univision and Block Club Chicago. I learned how impactful it is to own your narrative and know how to capture the beauty of our community by being able to be their storyteller. 

I cannot wait to continue seeing how La DePaulia pushes forward to continue giving a voice for their community and continues to ignite conversations through their stories. La DePaulia is not just a publication, but a family of passionate storytellers who have revealed their truths about immigration, the socioeconomic crisis and political controversies in Latin America, with stories that challenge generational gaps and connect people to one another.