Get to know your editors: Matthew Paras

Greetings. My name is Matthew Paras and I’m a junior journalism major at DePaul. I’ll be the assistant Sports Editor this year.

I’ve been writing for The DePaulia’s sports section since my freshman year and becoming an editor has always been one of my goals. Being the Assistant Sports Editor gives me hands-on experience of working with many different people in a newsroom-like setting. I’m really looking forward to that.

When I’m not working on the paper, I’m usually relaxing on my couch or exploring the city, going to restaurants or concerts. I also spend a large chunk of my time watching sports and on twitter (shameless self-plug: Follow me @Matthew_Paras).

On a Saturday night, you’d find me hanging out and enjoying Chicago. However, depending on the weekend, there’s a very good chance you’ll find me home because of a big Pay-Per-View fight. I’m a huge boxing fan and won’t go out if there’s a big fight on. If it’s on HBO or Showtime, I’ll record it and watch it as soon as I get back.

If you can’t tell already, my favorite thing about DePaul is living in the city. I feel it’s the perfect balance for a campus-like feel, while Chicago is an “L” ride away.

The best class I’ve taken is “Political Socialization” with Christopher Deis. If you haven’t taken a class with him, I really recommend it. Deis’ teaching style is basically an open forum where he’ll play a traffic cop. When he does interject, his insights are usually very interesting.

Now for something completely unrelated: I love eating oreos while drinking a glass of milk. So what if everyone does it? It’s still delicious. (By the way, you take a bite of the cookie and then drink the milk. Dunking it first in the milk isn’t nearly as good).

I’m secretly obsessed with “Tokyo Drift” and “Drumline”: the ultimate “so bad, so good” movies. The fact that they are always on TNT always kills my productivity.

You can’t take me away from making puns. I don’t care how much people disapprove, but it’s the best type of humor.

This summer I’ve been writing a lot, either for The DePaulia or other websites. When I haven’t been doing that, I enjoyed 10 days in Utah and improving my golf game from terrible to just plain bad. Seeing my friends from high school has been a blast as well.
Anyway, I can’t wait for the school year to begin because that’s the time football starts. Go Broncos!