Turning DePaul Blue Demons red: Party labels in Chicago

(Carolyn Duff / The DePaulia)
(Carolyn Duff / The DePaulia)

The city of Chicago needs a swift kick in the butt. Get the guillotines set up in Grant Park and all of the city officials rounded up.

Incompetence, cronyism, socialism, inequality and pride are all pushing Chicago into chaos and foreseeable disaster.

This is a citywide and culture-wide problem. Democrat, Republican, Green Party member, Marxist, millionaire, homeless person, mother, retiree, gay, lesbian, bisexual or whatever label you call yourself, I am here to say it doesn’t matter.

No one really cares. Why is there this need to label everything?

Here in the city of Chicago your party label shouldn’t dictate your ability to win an election, yet it does. Anyone seeking to run as a Republican would be shot down before they could even get their pants on.

I have talked to three of the candidates running for alderman: two in the 43rd Ward and one in the 2nd Ward, and all of them would have considered running while registered as a Republican, but said the risks associated with such a “label” were too high.

Likewise, the vast majority of students at DePaul would never even consider voting for a Republican. The culture in Chicago has grown so vain, intolerant and incompetent that it is a wonder how Chicago still calls itself a                    world-leading city.

Voting Democrat in every city mayoral election since 1927 does not represent informed decision-making; it is reckless decision making. It is just another sign of this city’s unwavering obedience to its political machine.

Unless Republicans like losing all the time, you would think they would have adapted to this losing streak. And in fact, they have.

Recognizing the overwhelming social liberalism present in the city, the Chicago Republican Party has moved to address the most pressing issues facing everyday Chicagoans: the fiscal issues. Beyond this, and being mostly free from the city’s crooked political machine, they have sought to find the truth.

The truth is, most people are more interested in real solutions, not political games aimed at solely winning elections. The truth is, most people don’t care all that much about gay pride parades or organic coffee beans.

Yet, it seems that only the “party slaves” turn out to vote in Chicago’s elections. The reason is because instead of appealing to the individual, politicians are busy pleasing factions, unions and other special interest groups. People have become concerned with beating others, rather than uniting them.

Then again, that’s usually what you get when you cast a vote for a party that lives and breathes collectivism and total obedience from its electorate. But for Republicans, a group whose roots are in Thomas Jefferson’s Anti-Federalist Party, they seek to empower individuals of        all backgrounds.

Now I will admit, there are hypocrites in every political party. But, we should not let that discourage those with              good intentions.

The time is now for us to come together in all of our diversity and shake off the shackles our malevolent leaders have thrust upon us. It is time for the labeling to stop, and it’s time for the real tolerance and solution building to start.

As one candidate for alderman said, it doesn’t matter what your political party is when you need your garbage picked up or when you have a rat problem. The only thing that matters is that you have a good government there to help you, regardless of whether or not you elected them.

For Chicago’s Republican Party, they understand the need to prioritize. While the city is debating new park projects, some city schools go without art or music classes. It’s time to stop the wasteful and inefficient spending on powerful unions, unnecessary park projects, oversized bureaucracy and crony backroom deals.

The Republican Party wishes to give every business in Chicago a fairer, more competitive tax rate. It is Republicans who are rushing to give students in all communities top-notch schools; but unfortunately, due to the rigidity of unions, it is forcing them to open up charter schools.

The Republican Party does not wish to toss aside government. Rather, we simply have come to the conclusion that it is government itself that is the problem in this specific case.

City Hall is only serving itself and its friends, and Republicans will use everything in their arsenal to stop this. You can be sure that common sense Republicans will do everything they can to expose the truth for what it is, one of them being that pennies don’t fall from heaven.

Anybody who unwaveringly supports a “label” has become an enemy of the freedoms and liberties that this nation has so tirelessly bestowed upon its individuals. We, as one large and diverse community, must remain steadfast to our principles in times of great change and choice.