• Former employee of EC

    As a former employee of EC, I can tell you that Alan Ray was a “fish out of water”. He didn’t have a clue about the culture when he accepted the position there and I doubt he understands DePaul well enough to relate to faculty there either. There were times when Alan didn’t even look up as faculty walked by him while at Elmhurst. His lack of communication skills is very evident and he is not one to bring in huge amounts of donor money. His legacy at Elmhurst College will be the destruction of a once-thriving liberal arts-based college and making it into a financial disaster. Best advice to DePaul: steer clear!

  • Elmhurst grad now retired

    Many impressive things happened while Ray was at Elmhurst (noted speakers, athletic prowess, music, etc.) He even brought lacrosse to EC. But, to look at Ray’s credits, you’d normally be awed, yet despite Harvard et al, he still feels he must play the “I’m an Indian: card and/or “I’ve got small children” in order to get a job. Why? If you’ve ever shook hands with Ray (and I have) let’s just say the image of Mike Ditka is the furthest thng that comes to mind.

  • You All Dodged a Bullet

    Ray all but decimated Elmhurst, be glad you won’t have him at DePaul.

    He has some talents but managing people and projects are not among them. I pray he finds something more fitting to the scale of his interests and capabilities.