7 days of coffee: Finish the quarter strong with caffeine

With finals week approaching, it’s time to load up on caffeine in order to finish the quarter strong

coffeeingredientsOh, finals week. A week where alarms are set in 15-minute increments to allow for maximum napping time, a time where we calculate what grade we must get on the final in order to make up for the poor grade on the midterm. As students become increasingly overwhelmed by the final countdown to spring break, there is one delicious age-old remedy to motivate us, if only for a week: coffee.

Chicago is a landmark location for a solid cup of Joe, but not every cup is made the same. Some are rich in taste or may be large in size, some may not even be worth the $2 a cup that they are priced at, but, at the end of the day, it gets the job done.

After trying coffee shops, stands and stops in the Lincoln Park and Loop area, here are the seven best places for a perfect daily dose of caffeine for every day of finals week.