Legacy Walk honors LGBT heroes

The Chicago LGBT community made history on Thursday after the Legacy Project officially dedicated the Legacy Walk, which celebrates the accomplishments of notable LGBT figures.

The outdoor walking museum on Halstead Street is open to educate and bring awareness to the achievements of LGBT people, such as author Oscar Wilde, choreographer Alvin Ailey, and politician Harvey Milk.

Legacy Project creator and executive director Victor Salva said the walk aims to reach people regardless of class, race, sexual orientation or nationality. “It’s about us, all of us, whatever form we may take,” said Salva.

“It’s about rescuing unsung LGBT heroes from obscurity and reuniting others whose sexuality has been edited away with the truth about their lives. It’s about correcting the oversights of our high school textbooks which continue to allow the general population to think that everything fine and good and important that has ever happened in the world was accomplished by heterosexuals alone.”