Loyola adjuncts vote to unionize

Loyola adjuncts vote to unionize

By a vote of 142 for and 82 against, adjunct faculty in Loyola’s College of Arts and Sciences voted to be represented by the Service Employees International Union, another win in the effort to unionize adjunct and non-tenure track faculty around the country.

The effort won the support of 63 percent who voted and 44 percent of the 326 faculty members eligible to vote in the by-mail election, which wrapped up earlier this week.

“Our victory today represents a win for our students, faculty and the entire Loyola University community. Now all faculty will have a say in our working conditions and I’m encouraged about the gains at other schools across the country,” said Alyson Paige Warren, a writing and literature instructor at Loyola. “Having a union will not only empower us, but our tenure-track colleagues, our students and the university as a whole.”

While university Vice President for Administrative Services Thomas M. Kelly said he was disappointed that the outcome was determined by a minority of eligible voters, he said that “we look forward to continuing the conversation and the negotiations with SEIU about these faculty in the coming year.”

Loyola is the SEIU’s second major victory after the successfully unionizing the University of Chicago’s non-tenure track and adjunct faculty late last year. The union, among others, is organizing at DePaul and other local institutions