DIY: Trinket holder

This DIY dish only looks like it’s from an expensive gift shop. Simply paint a plastic animal with a strong jewel tone, like gold, and create a simple way to store rings, necklaces and other small trinkets.

giraffe1What you’ll need:

1 Terra Cotta pot holder

White acrylic crafters paint

Metallic gold acrylic crafters paint

Foam brush

Glue adhesive

Small plastic animal toy (optional)


Begin by painting the pot holder white. Paint three coats of white paint, waiting 5-10 minutes in between coats. Let dry up to 15 minutes. Paint the small plastic toy metallic gold. Paint up to three coats of paint on the toy, waiting 5-10 minutes between coats. Once the pot holder is completely dry, paint two thin coats of metallic gold onto the rim of the holder. Wait five minutes in between coats. Let dry up to 15 minutes. After the metallic gold toy and holder are completely dry, glue the toy in the middle of the holder.


Patience is key, the longer you wait in between coats of paint the cleaner the lines on your project will look. To achieve a vintage look, use a foam brush in stippling motions to paint the final coat of metallic paint onto the holder and toy.