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Chicago College Class Clowns: A ‘playground’ for DePaul comedians

With people pouring out of the doors as the clock inched towards 10 p.m., onlookers passed by in bewilderment as to what could possibly be happening within the confines of the Playground Theater on Thursday evenings.

The Chicago College Class Clowns, also known as C4, have occupied Thursday nights at the small, intimate Playground Theater quietly tucked away behind the endless masses of people that inhabit the corner of Belmont Avenue and Halsted Street since the beginning of 2012. Inside, the comedic performances displayed by the courageous members of this DePaul group have developed into a must see occasion that has created a stir on campus.

“The show has been a tremendous catalyst for developing my skills as a stand up and writer. Having to write new material each week keeps me sharp. I want to continue to improve as a comedian and most importantly, keep creating things,” Patrick Reilly, a University of Illinois at Chicago-based (UIC) comedian in the group, said.

Composed of comedians from DePaul and UIC, the close knit work and the committed dedication to comedy of AJ Lubecker, Sean Parker, Kevin Lobkovich and Patrick Reilly has created a one of a kind experience that has continually provided sold out performances.

“The reason C4 is different is that we have different working comedians in Chicago do our show every week, as opposed to just putting ourselves up every week,” Parker, one of the C4 jokesters hailing from California, said.

Furthering their agenda of student involvement, local musical acts, bucket drummers and break dancers have graced the stage of the Playground Theater to provide a smooth transition into the main event. Accompanied by big name Chicago comedians as well as several other jokers that have appeared on “The Tonight Show” and “The Late Show with David Letterman,” the event that is constructed by this homegrown group is a must see for any laughter fanatic.

“Kevin is a really solid joke writer, while Pat is a complete weirdo and Sean is a crazy person. We all bring really different things to the table that makes up for a comedy show that is unlike any others in the city,” Lubecker said.

What sets this group of funnymen apart from other comedic groups on campus is the way in which they all came together. A stand up comedy performance run entirely by students, for students is what this extraordinary group of comics has provided to the surrounding community.

“We’re totally independent. None of the colleges sponsor us or anything, which gives us maximum creative control,” Lubecker, a co-founder of the group, said.

While keeping the situation of struggling students in mind, the Playground Theater has partnered with the College Class Clowns to provide a well organized, affordable event for a diverse audience to experience at the gracious price of only $5.

“We are trying to put on a solid show every week that creates an outlet for Chicago based comedians, that also gives students a fun way to cut loose on Thursday evenings at the end of the school week,” Parker said.

And cut loose they did. As the festivities that accompany the fall season and Halloween came and passed, the guys of College Class Clowns put together an unforgettable performance Thursday night dressed in a variety of costumes.

The madness started right as the clock struck 10 p.m. with a dazzling lineup of comedians to occupy the eager audience. While jokes rang from the walls, laughter poured from the theater as the guys at C4, with help from some well established comedians, again sold out the Playground Theater to a satisfied group of their peers.

Patrick, Sean, Kevin, and AJ got the crowd warmed up until the big names took the stage. Jackie Nonsense, also known as Chucho Perez, Farty Marty and Mike Wiley all crafted together a festive comedic performance that left the crowd hunched over in their seats from the pain of laughter.

Thankfully for their devoted followers, the guys of College Class Clowns who showcased a wonderful display of creativity and dedication to the world of comedy have no plans to stop the fun just yet. Once again, next Thursday evening will be occupied by these guys with a fresh set of jokes for all fans, new and old, to hear.

“I am very proud of the work we have all put in to make this show what it is. We had a vision and we created what we saw,” Reilly said.

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