St. Vincent’s DeJamz: commute traffic tune out

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St. Vincent’s DeJamz: commute traffic tune out

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With the Chicago Cubs winning their first World Series in 108 years, the city’s streets were filled this weekend with a sea of people sporting their red and blue in celebration.  With what’s now being called the seventh largest gathering in human history, the Cubs World Series celebration was a day full of cheers and applause but also crowding and congestion.

Both the CTA and Metra reportedly experienced their busiest day ever as commuters from all over the state, rushed into the rally at Grant Park.  In a warm reminder of just how long and uneventful a normal day’s commute can be, here are some songs to tune you out of traffic, train delays and anything else between you and your destination.

1. “Move B*tch” – Ludacris

Not many songs can relay the emotion of anger one gets in a commute better than rapper Ludacris’ 2002 single, “Move B*tch.”  Featuring rappers Mystikal and I-20, “Move B*tch” has become one of Ludacris’ most popular songs from his career.  Released as the fourth official single from Ludacris’ album, “Word of Mouf,” the song reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking it as a first for the Atlanta rapper at the time.

While the song’s chorus is limited in its creativity, it’s effectiveness to provoke emotion is undeniable, so lay off the car horn, roll down the radio, turn up your radio’s volume and let Ludacris do the talking.

2. “Traveling Song” – Bright Eyes

If you’re looking to be in a little different mode than what Ludacris’ hit will provide, then I’d suggest checking out the ever-so-happy “Traveling Song” by Bright Eyes.  The American indie rock band has been known for their mellowness and joyful sounds, and “Traveling Song” emphasizes all of that.

If you’re looking for an upbeat tune to get you in a satisfying mood for a long day at work, then “Traveling Song” by Bright Eyes is a good bet.

3. “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol Sometimes you’re too tired to be angry at traffic and you’re not in a mood to be upbeat and happy, so your best option is to embrace the blues and misery that is commuting.  Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” not only guarantees a nostalgic ride of emotions from regret to sorrow, but you’ll also find yourself in low spirits the whole day.

This is far from a song I’d recommend to start the day for a morning commute, but hey, if you’re feeling down, Snow Patrol is for you.

4. “1 Train” – A$AP Rocky Hard to find a better song for a morning commute on the ‘L’ than with A$AP Rocky’s “1 Train.”  Produced by Hit-Boy, and featuring verses from Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Yelawolf, Danny Brown and more, the song’s title chronicles New York City’s No. 1 subway line.  While the subway in New York City is far from the same as Chicago’s ‘L’, there’s no doubt the feeling of an early morning commute on the train is a pain for both, especially during the winter.