Lollapalooza street style recap

As many of you know, Lollapalooza was this past weekend. As was expected, there were numerous amazing bands, great people, and even better style. I cannot wait to go again next year. In a sea of high-waisted shorts and bikini tops, there were a few outfits that stood out. A few on DePaul kids, and some on the bands themselves.

Florence Welch of Florence & the Machine not only gave a mind-blowing performance, but she also mesmerized the audience with a maroon chiffon dress, including crystal sleeves. I have never seen anything like it, and envied her every move — the whimsy material blowing around as she ran across the stage. This dress was in every way the epitome of perfect.

The next hippie child is my friend Alexis Moberger, a current sophomore at DePaul University. Moberger has a boho edge to her. She never over does it, but always stands out. This outfit is the perfect example of that. The flowing skirt, the crocheted top, and free-flowing, perfectly messy hair. It is so undone, but looks perfectly put together at the same time. This girl never has a bad fashion day.

Also featured is Alex Chomik, in a simple skirt and top that will remain classic forever. She kept it down to earth with teal leather sandals that added an unexpected pop of color, and a cute cross-body bag in an irregular shape. Her large round sunglasses not only helped with the sun, but brought a 1960’s vibe to her whole look.

LoopyQ, a neck pouch business started by JQ Crimaldi from our very own DePaul University, was spotted all over the crazy crowd at Lollapalooza. Pouches in every size, shape, and form could be seen around the necks of numerous concert goers, myself included. Not only are LoopyQ pouches stylish, but they are a safe way to keep all of your belongings together.

In essence, Lollapalooza was in every way a fashion lover’s dream. The attendees sported every department of style you could imagine. It was a place where flower crowns ruled and crop tops were the norm. I cannot wait to see how people push the envelope next year.