Update: Man charged with misdemeanor after alleged knife attack on DePaul’s campus


A 36-year-old male identified as Patrick Fallon has been charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct/ bodily harm after allegedly slashing a man with a knife near DePaul’s Student Center on Tuesday.

It is unconfirmed whether the altercation was related to the rally and protests near the Student Center.

Fallon allegedly was “engaged in a verbal altercation with a 28-year-old male, an altercation that subsequently became physical,” according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

During the physical altercation, the 28-year-old male sustained a laceration to the head. The offender was subdued by a witness, according to CPD, and later detained by Public Safety.

The offender was placed into Chicago Police custody and the victim was transported in good condition to Illinois Masonic Hospital for treatment. Neither man involved in the altercation was a DePaul student.

In a statement from the General Defense Committee about the “Rally Against Hate,” which was held Tuesday, the group said that it was shortly after the dispersal of the rally that Fallon and another man got into an altercation.

“An unnamed assailant began verbally harassing another individual, referencing the aforementioned rally, and that the cancelation of McInnes ‘stole his free speech,'” The statement said. “The unnamed assailant then took out a knife, and stabbed the other individual. Bystanders quickly intervened in order to help disperse the altercation, with campus security arriving later. The individual has been released from the hospital and is in good health.”