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Personality by design: What do your laptop stickers say about you?

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Nothing brightens up the Student Center or a classroom much like a laptop layered with stickers. Each small piece of art brings color and life to an otherwise dull surface. Each collage is unique to the owner and creates diversity in design. Whether  they  promote a local business, show your favorite band, feature an independent artist or  make a funny reference, each sticker   plastered on the back of a laptop gives insight about the person behind the screen.

[accordion title=”Jocelyn Martinez” load=”show”]

(Rachel Fernandez/The DePaulia)


“My favorite sticker it my ‘cat-tus’ because my little sister gave it to me and it was so cute. I think of her every time I see it. I think my laptop stickers cultivate my personality because it’s a mixture of everything that’s going on in my life.”[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Caroline Rau” load=”show”]

(Rachel Fernandez/The DePaulia)

“The Batman and Superman kissing one is my favorite. It’s just really cute and it was the first one I got, too. I like to personalize things and stickers are a good way to do that. Plus, what’s the point of having stickers if you can’t put them on stuff?”[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Allan Grossman” load=”show”]


(Rachel Fernandez/The DePaulia)

“‘Pipis Room’ is from an old Vine and it’s centralized because the guy who made the Vine (Griffin McElroy) is the basis for the super benign, dry, obscure non-offensive sense of humor that I’m into. If you’re just sitting with your laptop somewhere, it tells people what your personality is like depending on what you have.”[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Antonio Serna Rosellini” load=”show”]

(Rachel Fernandez/The DePaulia)

“Most of the stickers I have are more about the story as to why I have them than personal branding. The ‘Chronverse’ sticker was one of my firsts, and I got it from a funky bar the first time I went to California.” [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Nikki Roberts” load=”hide”]

(Rachel Fernandez/The DePaulia)

“I sticker the crap out of everything. I have tons of little stickers relating to Pokemon and Mario, because those are the kind of games I’m into playing. My stickers say a little bit about who I am, where I’ve been and what I’m interested in.” [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Giselle Sourou” load=”show”]

(Rachel Fernandez/The DePaulia)


“I used to be obsessed with Hello Kitty as a child, so seeing that art re-done with the gas mask was really cool. I kept getting stickers and I didn’t know where I could put them on in a place where I could appreciate them all the time. ”[/accordion]

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Rachel Fernandez is the managing editor for the DePaulia, a dedicated millennial and a vegetable enthusiast. She is passionate about mostly everything,...


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Personality by design: What do your laptop stickers say about you?