Developing Story: NCAA investigates DePaul Athletics


The NCAA is investigating DePaul University’s athletic department for violations of NCAA rules and regulations, according to sources close to the men’s basketball program.

The precise nature of the investigation and the conduct being investigated is currently unknown. Sources say current and past players and coaches have been questioned by NCAA officials.

DePaul’s Office of Public Relations and Communications did not confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation, but issued the following statement:

“DePaul is committed to NCAA rules compliance, and regularly provides educational programming for its student-athletes, coaches and athletics staff, and when appropriate self-reports rules violations and takes corrective action accordingly.”

During the preliminary phase of an investigation, the national office works with the school and parties involved to conduct interviews and determine the facts in the case. From there investigators will determine if any violations have occurred and provide the school and individuals involved with a written notice of allegations before they would appear in front of an infractions committee.

The DePaulia will continue to follow this story as it develops.



Benjamin Conboy and Jonathan Ballew contributed to this report.