Where you’ll be able to buy recreational cannabis in Chicago area Jan. 1

As the world celebrates the start of a new decade on Jan. 1, cannabis users in Chicago and across the state of Illinois will also celebrate the long-awaited end of cannabis prohibition.  

This year, in the early days of J.B. Pritzker’s tenure as governor, Illinois became the 11th state to approve recreational cannabis and the first state to do so via the state’s legislature, not a public referendum. And with the City Council thwarting efforts this week from some aldermen seeking to delay the legal sale of cannabis until more people of color were granted licenses (currently, all licensed retailers and growers are white), cannabis users in Chicago over the age of 21 will be free to buy and consume cannabis products from the privacy of their own homes starting New Year’s Day. 

Like most states that have approved recreational cannabis sales, Illinois has an existing infrastructure from Illinois’s medical cannabis market. Of the 55 medical cannabis dispensaries around the state, 35 were approved to sell recreational cannabis statewide. Of those 35, about 13 are accessible by CTA trains and buses to DePaul students and other city dwellers. As one may expect from the exclusively white ownership of the first wave of dispensaries in Chicago, the density of approved retailers is greater on Chicago’s North Side.  

The interactive map above shows all 13 of these dispensaries within the city or nearby suburbs. 

Sales at all dispensaries will be limited in terms of quantity per purchase. Residents of age can purchase up to 30 grams of cannabis flower, five grams of cannabis concentrates and up to 500 milligrams of edible cannabis products — like infused cookies and gummies. 

CORRECTION Dec. 21, 2019: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Chicago residents could grow recreational cannabis in their own homes. The legalization bill in Illinois only permits licensed medical cannabis users to grow up to 5 plants in their homes.