SGA committing to student mental health, public safety


Maddy Maes

Students walking in and out of DePaul’s student center, which houses the Lincoln Park Counseling Center.

DePaul’s Student Government Association (SGA) met this past Thursday to discuss a Mental Health ad hoc committee, Public Safety townhall and to motion to be involved more in mask mandate decisions.

Riley Reed, senator for LGBTQ+ students introduced a Mental Health ad hoc committee.

“We want to hold the university more accountable for a lot of the actions they have not been taking on mental health care at the school,” Reed said.

The University Counseling Services (UCS) increased their staff for the winter quarter, adding four more part time staff to the center. UCS is currently interviewing six more candidates to work for the center, according to previous DePaulia reporting.

SGA is upset with the actions of the administration after not being included in the discussion to lift the university mask mandate.

“We all were very frustrated with how they handled the mask situation,” Vice President Kevin Holechko said. “If administration does not allow SGA to participate in the decision making for mask mandates, SGA will at least ask that administration give them metrics on Covid and will give student input.”

Vinny Vans are back for the Winter Finals. They will be available from Monday, March 14 to Thursday the 17, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Pickups will start at the John T. Richardson library and will go to Addison, Clark, Southport or Sedgwick. Maximum number of passengers is 14.

Some students raised concerns during the Public Safety Townhall that the Vinny Vans do not go far enough, and that Public Safety should offer more opportunities for students who live off campus.

SGA is looking into making their Queer Prom and Public Safety Townhall a more regular occurrence on campus. President Esteban complimented Holechko on behalf of SGA on efforts to create a First-Generation Student scholarship.

The next SGA meeting will be March 10 before finals.