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Infinite Chicago student apartments offers housing alternative

What used to be two office buildings on the corner of Jackson Boulevard and Wabash Avenue is now under construction to become the Loop’s newest student housing option starting in August 2014.

The two buildings under construction, Gibbons and Steger, will form a new Loop housing option called Infinite at 28 E Jackson Blvd. Infinite, which stands next to DePaul’s Richard M. and Maggie C. Daley Building, also neighbors other various colleges in the area such as Columbia College and Roosevelt University.

“We chose that building because it is in the heart of all of the colleges in what we call LoopU,” Infinite leasing professional Carissa Choy said. “It gives students perfect access to everything around them, while still giving them the downtown experience.”

With an increase in the number of students attending college in the Loop the past few years, Infinite would provide a proximal housing option to students close to their classes. The Chicago Sun-Times reported in 2011 that roughly 65,500 students attend class at colleges in the Loop, while in 2005 that number was closer to 52,000 students.

However, several DePaul students expressed no interest in living in The Loop.

“I don’t think I would want to live in the Loop until I’m an upperclassman,” freshman business management major Mike Pelant said.

Freshman Seridan Pannozzo, who currently lives in Clifton- Fullerton Hall, also wants to stay in Lincoln Park.

“I want to live in Lincoln Park, and I probably couldn’t afford the Loop, it’s probably expensive,” Pannozzo said.

Price aside, freshman John Franco Joyce said the Loop environment isn’t what he wants.

“It’s too grown up and doesn’t have a college feel,” Joyce said. “Outside of a school day it’s just businessmen.”

While the housing is geared towards students that go to college in the Loop, Infinite is not affiliated with any specific school. This means that although DePaul University students can take advantage of the housing option, it would not be considered “DePaul housing.” Infinite has held events at various colleges in the Loop in order to inform students of the new housing option available to them.

The idea of the new student housing started to take shape back in March 2013, and construction started the summer of 2013. “The building will be finished mid-July, and people can move in on August 1,” Choy said. “Anyone that qualifies can live here, but it will be majority students.” She also said that although the building is not yet finished, Infinite is already taking leases for the 2014 Fall academic term.

The rooms at Infinite range from studio apartments to four bedroom apartments, and come fully furnished. Infinite stresses security, offering bedroom locks, individual keys, 24/7 staff, and even a smartphone app that allows residents to register their guests with the doorman using their phone.

When it comes to cost, Infinite’s rent depends on the floor plan chosen, and whether the resident will be living with a roommate or by themselves. A shared apartment with a roommate may have a rent of around $999 while a private apartment without a roommate may have a rent of around $1,299. Each resident pays rent for himself or herself, rather than for the apartment. That way, each resident is only responsible for themselves rather than for their roommates as well.

Pannozzo said she would be interested in living with students from other schools.

“I think it would be a nice way to meet people from other schools,” she said.

Infinite’s Leasing office can be located on the fifth floor of 73 W. Monroe St.

“These apartments provide students with independence, which is a big advantage,” Choy said. “We definitely expect it to fill up fast.”

Grant Myatt contributed to this story.

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