Water main construction affects campus parking, bathrooms

Water main replacement on Kenmore and Belden Avenues will shut down streets and water to several campus buildings starting today through the end of August.

The construction will take place on Kenmore between Fullerton and Belden, continuing down Belden until Fremont Avenue. No parking will be allowed on the impacted streets, according to DePaul Facility Operations.

No parking signs posted indicated the closures would occur through Sept. 5.

Several campus buildings will have their water turned off for a minimum of three to four hours during the construction. Buildings affected by the shutdowns will require facility operations to lock down bathrooms.

Facilities Operations Manager Frank Matijevic said there are no scheduled water shutdowns at this time and that the city will provide 24-hours notice before any shutdowns. If additional problems occur during the construction, campus buildings could experience longer water shutdowns.

The construction is not expected to impact move-in days or the beginning of the school year.

“From what we were told by the city, they will do as much as they can before the larger move in days,” Matijevic said. “If they can’t accomplish everything, they will pull out and then come back to finish, so there will be northing abnormal for move-in days.”

Full street access will be restored in September. Check back for updates and scheduled shutdown information.