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Not so sorry, Charlie

As sophomore Charlie Wynne took the stage at the Lincoln Park Student Center Thursday evening, onlookers gazed in amazement as they saw not one, but three different guitars locked and loaded. Wynne, known as performer Sorry, Charlie, had prepared an intricate performance for the crowd.

Music has always been an important aspect in Wynne’s life. From the time he was a little kid, he would ride with his dad to work while listening to Goldfinger. A deep passion and appreciation for the world of music would soon follow for the aspiring musician.

“My dad would just play Goldfinger every day,” said Wynne. “It started with them and then I started to look into more bands from there.”

By the time Wynne reached junior high, simply listening to music had not provided the certain feeling he had hoped for. Around the age of 12, Wynne walked over to his best friend’s house entirely unaware that his musical path would be forever changed. Standing upstairs was Wynne’s best friend Jeff, playing “Original Prankster” by The Offspring on his slick, black Fender guitar. Wynne discovered then and there what he wanted to do – learn to play the guitar.

“Jeff was really good at guitar, and I wanted to be just like him so I knew I had to learn to play the guitar,” said Wynne.

As the years progressed and his time in high school came to a close, Wynne took his music in a new direction at the start of his freshman year of college.

“I had made my own songs on guitar before, but I had never thought about putting words to them until I got to college,” said Wynne.

As the result of a classroom assignment, Wynne was forced to perform a song that he had written in front of the entire class. After only recently deciding to seriously consider music, Wynne’s determination would be tested.

“It was a nice way for me to test the waters,” said Wynne. “After that day I was a little bit more confident.”

While freshman year progressed, so did the aspirations and visions of Wynne – now known as Sorry, Charlie. The music practice room of DePaul University dormitory Corcoran Hall proved to be the starting ground for his first songs. “A Foundation,” released in April 2012, was entirely recorded in that music room.

“I had an 8-track recorder and one microphone to use, and I had to make sure I recorded at odd hours so no one could hear me,” said Wynne. “It was a lot of fun to experiment with.”

Soon after the completion of his freshman year, the summer brought about new opportunities and new material for the young talent. Wynne released “Speak Well” last August after a long summer of recording and testing out new material. Wynne’s hard work paid off as he was asked to play his first show at the Penny Road Pub in Barrington, Illinois near the end of the summer.

“It was nerve-wracking, that’s for sure,” said Wynne. “But it was nice to play in front of a lot of familiar faces – it made things way more comfortable.”

After having successfully completed his second show at DePaul’s Lincoln Park Student Center, Wynne is eager to hopefully play many different venues in the future. He has developed his own webpage where all of his music is available for anyone to hear and download at no cost.

“Ideally I would like to keep playing shows,” said Wynne. “Hopefully each show I play provides new opportunities for me to play at new venues. I really have a lot of fun doing it.”

When asked about where the name Sorry, Charlie came from, Wynne couldn’t help but smirk and chuckle at the question.

“Literally every elementary teacher I had growing up said that to me, so I figured it had to be a good name to go with.”

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