Gold standard

The 70th Annual Golden Globes were held Jan. 13, kicking off the 2013 film awards season. The show was well-hosted by funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but it doesn’t mean much for the rest of the season and, in particular, the Oscars.

Ben Affleck-directed “Argo,” which is based on true events, won the Best Picture Drama award along with a Best Director win for Affleck. And though the Golden Globes have sometimes picked the same winners as the Oscars have, this year that simply won’t happen since “Argo” was not nominated for Director, meaning it has a slim chance of taking home the grand prize of Best Picture.

In the acting category, a few things are sure this year – one is that Anne Hathaway will take practically every supporting actress award for her role as Fantine in Tom Hooper’s screen musical “Les Miserables.” Also certain is Daniel Day-Lewis doing the same for Best Leading Actor. Both won in their nominated categories at the Globes, and it is very likely going to happen again at the Oscars.

Best Supporting Actor went to Christoph Waltz for his second Quentin Tarantino-directed film “Django Unchained.” Waltz won an Oscar in the same category at the Globes and Oscars a few years ago for his role in “Inglourious Basterds,” his first collaboration with Tarantino, and he could take another Oscar home this year (though this category is much less competitive this year with all the nominees having already won Oscars before).

Best Lead Actress Oscar is still unpredictable at this point. Golden Globe categories of Best Actress in a drama and Best Actress in a comedy or musical winners, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain, are Oscar nominees this year. It’s very likely Chastain could win for Kathryn Bigelow’s thriller “Zero Dark Thirty,” but French actress Emmanuelle Riva is garnering acclaim for her role as Anne in “Amour,” which is also nominated for Best Foreign Film, Screenplay, Director and Picture.

What we can expect this year is a spread of awards. It is unlikely that one film this year will strike gold like “Slumdog Millionaire” did in 2009, though “Lincoln” leads the pack with 12 Oscar nominations.

We can expect surprises, much like the ones we got with the nominations. The big surprise nominee this year was the indie flick “Beasts of the Southern Wild” nominated for four of the major awards, including the youngest ever Best Actress nominee at nine years old.

Who knows if Jessica Chastain will take home the Oscar this year? Perhaps it’ll go to the little Quvenzhan’ÛΩ Wallis from “Beasts.” Or maybe the oldest nominee in the same category Emmanuelle Riva for “Amour.” For categories like this, expect the unexpected. For the rest of the films, expect a divided showering of Oscar gold. But keep watching to see how the rest of the season plays out before the big event Feb. 24.