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Readers of The DePaulia who wish to post a comment must provide a name and email address to do so. Your name and website if included will appear with your comment. If you have a WordPress account associated with the email address you provide, a photo may also appear with your comment.

Comments are moderated and will be posted to once they have been reviewed.

The DePaulia encourages thoughtful, respectful and relevant comments that contribute to a public conversation. We want to emphasize that:

  • Comments reflect the opinions of readers, not The DePaulia.
  • Members of The DePaulia staff who reply to a comment will do so with their name and title.
  • Comments are meant to further the discussion set forth by articles and columns posted by The DePaulia.
  • We encourage feedback, tips for correction, questions and all comments in general. We have always and will continue to appreciate reader engagement.

We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate commentary, including but not limited to:

  • Any posts that demean others on the basis of race, gender, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation or preference, ability status, religion, or any other categorization.
  • Explicit content, including obscenities or anything sexually or violently explicit.
  • Any comments that are libelous or defamatory, or violate an individual’s reasonable expectations of privacy.
  • Any comments that are clearly irrelevant to the topic written about. The comments are meant for conversation, not attacks.
  • Any comments posted by an account that impersonates another individual or group. Users who pretend to be other individuals will be deleted.
  • Commercial promotion, spam, news releases, markup language or announcements.
  • Factually incorrect information.

Comments may be partially edited to remove information that falls into any of the categories above or deleted completely.

We ask that readers help monitor the comment threads on If you read a comment that violates this policy, we encourage you not to respond to it. Instead, contact our online editor at [email protected] or the editor in chief at [email protected] with your concerns.

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